Advanced Tablet Press & Bottle Filling Machines

Tablet Press Machine

The company has developed a wide range of tablet press machines, related accessories and support equipments. These includes punch dies, tablet coating machine, sifter machines, Mills, dust extractor machines, de burring and de dusting equipments, various models of the tablet press machines, mini press machine, tablet making machines and many other related equipments.

These process equipments have been developed to meet the required engineering standards as well as deliver the required efficiency and productivity.

Important notes on the Tablet making machines:

1. They have been manufactured with adequate stainless steel covers which reduce the noise levels and create a dust free operation.

2. All the models have been made easy to operate, safe to handle, easy to clean and service and there is reduced change over time from one tool to the next.

3. The dies and punches are developed with the most recent technologies for longer life and low wear and tear.

Liquid Bottle Filling Machine

We have on offer a wide range of liquid filling machines for all types and formulations of liquids. These equipments come to you in a full range of technologies such as manual, semi automatic and fully automatic operation systems. There are also the gravimetric and volumetric liquid filler options available for usage in industries such as food and beverage processing, lubricants manufacturing and also those for usage in chemicals and detergent manufacturing.

These liquid bottle filling machine models provide an accurate and versatile technique for filling of low, medium, and high viscosity liquids into a broad range of container shapes and sizes. We have developed filling machines ranging from the 8 head volumetric fillers, 8 head piston liquid fillers, 6 head volumetric liquid fillers up to 4 and 2 head filling models that you can select from depending on your intended production capacity. The equipments are made to meet the highest hygiene and safety standards.

Tablet Counting & Filling Machine

There is a variety of tablet counting and filling machines designed for coated and uncoated pills, capsules as well as soft gelatin capsules. The machine is able to accept multi channel feeding system, computerized controls, active image counting, automatic bottle transfer and auto stop mechanisms for enhanced performance. The equipment is designed according to the good manufacturing practices (GMP) standard, comprising of the best electric machinery for tablet counting and filling bottles in pharmaceutical and related applications. Some of the important features include;

1. Steady operation and reduced noise levels

2. Easier transport of bottles with efficient conveying systems

3. Intellectual touch screen controls that is also user friendly

4. On screen trouble description indicators, that makes easier trouble shooting and operation.

In operation, the machine ensures there is no breakage of products during packaging. The output capacity of the equipments ranges from 6000 to 12000 capsules per hour and a bottle filling capacity ranging from 40 – 150 bottles per minute.

Viscous Liquid Filling Machine

The viscous liquid filling machines from the company are highly versatile, dependable and accurate in the dispensing of liquids. The equipments are able to handle thinner liquids and highly viscous liquids as well. The process of maintenance involving disassembly, cleaning and reassembly is easy to complete without requiring specialized technical staff. Some important features include;

1. Able to fill creams, gels and food products

2. Available in various models and sizes , and you choose depending on your needs

3. Filling speed can be up to 30 bottles per minute and very close filling accuracy.

4. Construction materials are food and pharmaceutical grade stainless steel and the framework is firm and rigid for reduced vibration during operation.

5. They have quick release nozzles and feed pipes that guarantee fast and efficient operation.

Some of the models include the injectable liquid and powder vial filling machines, liquid bottle filling machines, viscous liquid filler, prefilled syringe filler and many other innovative types of equipment.