Planetary Mixer – Advantages in Pharmaceutical, Biotech and Chemical Industry

Shree Bhagwati Group is designed Planetary mixer as per application and customer product With Multi – Double agitators with equipment rotating with same time revolve arounds the axles, agitators unit are divided for the viscosity , characteristics of products material, with different paddle type, twist type, claw type, frame type etc., have good mixing, reacting, kneading, dissolving effect. The high-speed disperser consists of multi-layer toothed disc with super high linear speed, it also rotates and at the same time revolve around the axle, with strong dispersing effect so that can disperse the powder (additive) in the liquid rapidly. The mixer is equipped with a separate set of scraper to scrape the sides of the barrel and the mixing paddle can be added a scraper as well, so that it can scrape the bottom of the barrel and avoid dead corner to ensure the stability of the product. Double Planetary Mixer adopts planetary gear wheel drive, there is a large output torque, suitable for high temperature, high solids, high viscosity, and other difficult working conditions; this equipment is closed design, can be used with a vacuum system to realize vacuum mixing, mixing bucket can be designed with a heating jacket, matching mold temperature controller, to realize thermostatic mixing function, it’s the first choice of mixing equipment for the high-viscosity materials.

A planetary mixer has several applications and mainly used for the purpose of intensive mixing. The agitation pattern of this mixing assembly is planetary in nature and hence the name. This is an effective method of mixing since there is a rotation of the planetary blades on their own axis in addition to the rotation around the center of a mixing bowl.

The planetary mixer ensures perfect homogenization of mixing material for normal and challenging applications. It requires low maintenance and produces very little waste. It is mostly preferred for use in industries like adhesives, pharmaceuticals, foods (including dough), chemicals, electronics, plastics, and pigments, where it is used to mix round products. Planetary mixer is considered an ideal machine for mixing and kneading viscous pastes under the atmospheric or vacuum conditions. The mixing bowl of the planetary mixer is the most important part of the machine as most of the doughs and batters are prepared in it. It makes sure that the components are perfectly mixed together and has the ability to get detached from the machine making it suitable to perform numerous operations.

This special design allows a shifting of the mass in a uniform method, hence allowing for an effective mixing of medium to high viscous liquid. This article goes on to explain all main features of a planetary mixer and advantages of using it.

Planetary Mixer
Vacuumed Planetary Mixer

Application :

Suitable for dispersing and mixing materials in industries such as coating, putty, adhesive, energy, electronics & electrical appliances, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, food etc..Various slurries with viscosity less than 3,000,000cps, solid content under 90% such as battery paste, solder paste, ceramic paste, silicone inks, sealants, structural adhesives, soft cream, jam etc.

We offer Customized PLM with different options are available such as explosion-proof type, closed type, heating type, with PLC intelligent control type, etc.. Material can be customized to be SS316L or special Spraying materials.

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Planetary Mixer in Pharmaceutical
Planetary Mixer
Industrial Planetary Mixer
Planetary Mixer in Pharmaceutical Biotech and Chemical Industry

 Planetary Mixer – Main features

There are many factors that can vary depending on the type of planetary mixer you have opted for. Different models have different specifications with varying gross capacity, working capacity, lifting motor, main motor, RPM beater, space requirement.

Few main elements of a planetary-mixer are:

  • Bowl to place the ingredients.
  • A mixing element of some kind like hook, flat beater, etc.
  • Motor to enable the whisks moments.
  • An operator box to control mixing process, timing, speed and more.
Additionally, there are also several accessories like a dough hook which comes handy to knead bread dough, cakes, pizza, cookies, etc. A mixing paddle helps with mixing cream, masses of the Genoese, etc. A whisk accessory allows to beat egg white portion, also mayonnaise and soft cream, etc.

Listed here are few main features of a planetary-mixer:

  • Single or double Planetary Blades.
  • Floating scraper blade which adjusts itself to bowl contour.
  • Mounting simplicity with a single base structure.
  • Manually and hydraulically operated lift using an air or an oil electric pump.
  • Durable special steel planetary gears known for long life are also heat treated and hardened.
  • Multiple blade options like stirrup, vertical, or a combination.
  • It has a high mixing efficiency since speed of the blades can be controlled.
  • It is very easy to handle, clean and maintain.
  • It ensures uniform consistency and a homogeneous mixing.
  • Consists of a control panel to limit the traverse motion as well as other elements.
Benefits of using a Planetary Mixer

This is mainly used for blending a mixture of thick ingredients that is hard to blend. It is usually not used to blend liquid substances. This mixer helps reduce manual labor and the big effort involved in mixing a major portion of the substances as per industry requirements.

Here are the advantages of using a planetary-mixer:

  • A planetary-mixer can handle all challenging materials to provide an optimum homogenization mixture.
  • A major advantage being it has low wear and tear with very little maintenance required.
  • Wastage of material and other substances is kept to the minimum.
  • The mixing stars rotation is on different axis, thus making it more efficient.
  • All material is completely recirculated as well.
Common Applications

Type of blades on a mixer is variable. It can also be of different shape and size and is mounted on a unique axis. This has many applications in a bakery due to few interchangeable utensils and the several accessories that are easily available.

It has many other applications of which few are listed here:

  • General Chemical Industries
  • Adhesive and Sealant
  • Caulking and Wax Compound
  • Dental Fillers, Powder Coating, Blending powders
  • Battery Pastes, Gel Products
  • Food products, Bakeries
  • Pharmaceuticals, Cosmetics products, creams, lotion etc.,
  • Biotech industries, Emulsions, Explosive
  • Agricultural pesticide products
  • High-Viscosity product
  • Colors, Resins