Advantages Of Using Pharmaceutical Tray Dryer

Nowadays, there is a wide range of different Pharmaceutical Tray Dryers available in the market that can effectively help you to reduce wastage and increase productivity. They are specifically designed to reduce the heat generated by the heating system in the laboratory by more than 60 percent. The drying temperature is increased to maintain the purity of the substances being tested or manufactured. This results in the quick drying of the sample or compound by preventing it from breaking down during the heating process.

Pharmaceutical Tray Dryer with Electrical Hot Air Heater base has many benefits. The foremost benefit is that it facilitates quick drying of chemical substances without increasing the temperature of the samples. When the compound is heated, it usually breaks down into small particles that escape out through the vents or escape with the help of steam vapor. Hence, it is important to have good quality trays for continuous drying. This can be effectively achieved with the help of electrical heating systems.

There are two main types of Tray Dryers available in the market that includes the electric base and the manual base. The electric base is the one which is commonly found in the laboratories. It is generally placed on the table or shelf directly facing the steam source. The Electric Tray Dryer consists of multiple nozzles that are positioned in various locations of the industrial area. This is the most suitable type for hot room applications as it has adjustable nozzles that can be manually set according to the steam temperature.

Manual Tray Dryers, on the other hand, are not commonly used in the laboratories due to the difficulty in accessing them and the need for additional equipment for steam base drying. But they are useful when it comes to drying solid materials such as drugs. They are placed in the pharmaceutical lab area next to the workstations so that the workers can easily access them for drying. However, it is important to regularly adjust the temperature of the tray dryers since prolonged exposure to high temperatures can result in the contamination of the substance inside the bottle.

In order to regulate the drying speed of the Tray Dryer, it is advisable to maintain a certain amount of water in the container. This can be done by regularly adding water to the container. Also, make sure that the drying agent used is strong enough to dry all the solid stuff placed in it. Some common drying agents used in the dryers are glycerol, methanol and alcohol. A good quality drying agent also ensures faster drying speed.

Lastly, always choose the heating system that offers you the best options such as automatic or manual operation. Both types of drying equipments are highly effective and can dramatically reduce waste in the production process. However, if you are looking for maximum drying speed then it is better to opt for automatic Tray Dryers. For manual equipment, dryers that are heated by gas flames will perform best.