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Airjet Cleaner System With Worm Arrangement

Principals Of Operation Of The Air Jet Cleaner System

Container which needs to be subjected for Cleaning is fed onto the in feed conveyor of the Air jet unit thru the turn table. . Each individual container is carried by the conveyor using Slat chain to the Cleaning station one after the other in a stream line.

Utilities required for operating the machine is single phase electric supply along with Compressed air. Used for the cleaning the container. The Inlet of the compressed air is subjected to the ionizer unit which is provided inside the machine and the output will be ionized air. This Ionized air eliminates any static charges Present inside the container and particles are loosen up and sucked by the Vacuum pressure which is subject alternatively after the air blowing operation.

The moisture free compressed air line Pressure should be around 4 ~ 6 Kg/cm² and is passed thru the Filter and regulator unit where the filter element is of Brass and the vacuum pressure should be around 16~20 inches of Hg.

Individual container are carried on the Conveyor where the air jet unit is mounted on line till it reaches the station where the worm feeder is provided to maintain equal pitch between the container and also align with centre of the cleaning heads.

The Cleaning unit moves down on receipt of the Signal from the sensor and seals the mouth of the container “The mouth sealing unit is the adaptor which is a change part based on the different mouth size of container. To accommodate different sizes of container with reference to the height can be adjusted using Hand wheel as shown in the Image attached.

Pneumatic Connections and Vacuum systems will be Sleeved Properly for better aesthetic look, The movement Stroke of the Cylinder is fixed with reference to the Height of the container, we can adjust the distance Travel from upper level of the Cleaning unit to the Top to the Bottle using the hand wheel and the setting is marked with Graduated scale for better understanding and quick reference.

Conveyor speed can be controlled by the main machine speed controls system using the Potentiometer and worm feeding system is provided to avoid Bottle jamming during the Cleaning operation.

Sequence of operation which is a controlled system is as explained under, Individual container are carried on the conveyor and on reaching the Cleaning Station the Sensors senses the Container, Once the container is sensed the signal is given to the wormfeeder which Holds the container till the Cleaning unit is moved from the Top stationed Position to the container mouth opening. Sealing of the Mouth Takes Place and the ionized air is Blow into the container any foreign Particle present in the container is Blowup and the Vacuum suction immediately sucks the Particles from the Container.

During the change over from one size of container mouth opening to the next size separate Change Parts or adaptor is needed. This adaptor can be mounted on the cleaning unit as per the mouth opening sizes of the Containers, which give efficient cleaning of the containers. If the Range of the mouth Opening is specified well in advance then we can include the same in the scope of supply at extra cost towards additional change parts needed.

Wormfeeder is provided which helps prevent further backup pressure to cleaning station container. Once the cleaning unit seals the mouth of the container ionized air is blown into the container and the next impulse triggered is vacuum suction, all particles is which is subjected to this ionized air blown is oscillated in the container and vacuum suction will suck the particles from the container.

Once the container is cleaned the next container is subjected to similar operation of cleaning. Where the unit is lifted up by pneumatically controlled system and the bottle holding system is released for the next container to be carried into the cleaning station.

The complete system is programmed in sequence which includes the bottle holding, the cleaning unit ascending and descending operation, ionized air blowing and vacuum suction. The machine speed is synchronized based on the output required and the speed of the downstream machine.

Alternate interlock sensors are provided to confirm the smooth flow and avoid any bottle jamming due to back pressure or downstream machine stoppages.

The single track air jet cleaner machine can operate at the speed of 60 containers per minutes and each second is divided into the sequence of cleaning operation. This includes the lifting and lowering impulse also.

Technical Specifications

Power Input 220 V / 50 Hz, Single Phase Supply.

Power Consumption for the unit. 20 W.
Conveyor Drive Motor 0.5 HP single Phase.
Conveyor speed controller Potentiometer to control the Speed of the motor.
Sensors for Containers presence Capacity sensors for checking the Presence of the container on the Conveyor.
Ionizer unit for generating Ionized air to help remove static
In built on the machine
Vacuum suction provision on the machine Vacuum generating unit will be in the machine.
Pneumatic cylinders for Cleaning
unit movements from top to Bottom.
Adjustable height of the Cleaning unit based on the height of the containers.
Bottle holding and stopper
Worm feeder assembly is provided.