All About Pharmaceutical Food And Cosmetics Industries In Syria

A drug company is often called a pharmaceutical company. That is a commercial business, and those companies are licenced to do research and development as well as marketing and distribution of drugs, which are used for health caring purposes. These companies can deal with generic medication and brand medication as well as medical devices.

In Syria, presently there are almost sixty-three plus pharmaceutical companies dealing and producing approximately five thousand and seven hundred types of products related to medicine. There are almost about seventeen thousand workers, working for the pharmaceutical industries. Nowadays this industry has become a pillar of social and economic development in Syria. Ninety percent of national needs of Syria are covered by local pharmaceutical production. This incredible change has come in reality in the last twenty years. Before that, this industry in Syria was very poor; only six percentage of national needs got covered. Pharmaceutical industry also has helped for women empowerment in Syria. Eighty-five percentage of pharmaceutical workers are women. Syrian medicine has taken an awesome step on the map of drugs and pharmacological treatment, cause, most of the products can easily meet the international standard system. There are also some expectations. Those are for two reasons, either the product is newly launched, or those are protected by patent law, for which most of the patent owning companies disagree to grant the product licence to other companies. However, from the overall aspects Syria has been prospering greatly in the field of pharmaceutical development.

Food Industries in Syria

In the past five years, the Syrian food industry has shown a rapid growth with the high scale production of mayonnaise, ketchup, and other FMCG goods too. They are also industries where various kinds of oil and appetizers are made. These products are exported to a huge extent in the global food market. The food items they produce are often used in the restaurants and also as add on to snacks dishes. With the food items, gaining fame among the buyers the demand of these Syrian items has reached a high demand. This also helped the nation to aspire economically as the product they had agriculturally yielded and then were transferred into various kinds of food items, has really created a big platform for its sell and export and thus made, the Syrian GDP rise to a greater extent.

Cosmetic Industries in Syria

The Syrian history shows that the population are not maybe that immensely rich but the beauty and outward show has been quite an essential concern for them. Why should it not be? Every citizen has the self-independence to décor themselves irrespective of any grounds. Now Syria has seen a lot of ups and downs and the people with modern thinking have become more concerned about their skin and health too which makes them not concerned with their beauty by using any kind of harmful chemicals and unnecessary substance to look enhancing. They always want to look charming with their inner skin beauty and a slight cosmetic to correct that default. They produce cosmetics such creams, balms and liners, which not only enriches their beauty but also provides them antioxidants, anti-aging elements and glorifies their skin. They also manufacture perfumes, which releases a soothing fragrance all around.