All about Toothpaste Manufacturing Plant

Tooth Paste Manufacturing Plant is ideal equipment for the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries for the production of toothpaste, ointment, cream, lotions, and other emulsions and homogenizations. The operation can be manual, semi-automatic, or automatic. Most Manufacturers of reputation make the toothpaste plant out of quality materials that conform to cGMP norms.

Working Principle of the Tooth Manufacturing Plant

Toothpaste manufacturing plant consists of the main manufacturing vessel, also known as Contra Mixer. Contra Mixer, as the name suggests works on the principle of Contra rotation of Blades for simultaneous beating and scraping operation. The toothpaste making plants ensures two critical factors-

  • Minimum Manhandling of the input material
  • Negligible Vacuum Drop during mixing and blending
Toothpaste Manufacturing Plant

The working of toothpaste filling machines and its other features include

  • The toothpaste-making plant operations also consist of a slow-speed agitator and a high-speed mixer. There is a variable speed drive that is provided for the main anchor stirrer assembly for different speeds.     
  • The material is discharged from the bottom and a flush valve is provided at the bottom for material discharge. This bottom homogenizer is equipped with a double cartridge mechanical seal with a cooling mechanism for the mechanical seal and water detection sensor to trip the motor if the flow of water to the mechanical seal is stopped, to ensure the complete safety of the seal while its high-speed operation.
  • The Bottom Entry angular homogenizer is provided so that proper emulsification, as well as homogenization of the product, is attained.
  • The intense contra mixer in the toothpaste manufacturing plant is enabled by special smi-contra design anchor stirrers avoiding any dead zones inside.
  • The presence of specially designed inline filters ensures that the final product maintains a refined and consistent structure.
  • It is a completely untouched process and all transfers are done through the vacuum to avoid any kind of contamination.
  • Finally, the transfer lobe pump does all the transfer of toothpaste from the main vessel to the filling station. Subsequently, the digital metering pump transfers the exact volume from the storage vessel to the hopper of the tube filling machine.
  • The final product recovery system recovers the final product from the pipelines and these pipes are electro polished from inside and their joints are easy to open.

Some options are provided by hi-tech toothpaste plant manufacturers like the load cell for online weighing, PIC-based control panel which has graphics and a colour touch screen display for process automation.

Manufacturers of Automatic Toothpaste Manufacturing Plants

Reasons to invest in a Tooth Paste Manufacturing Plant

  • Lesser machinery and materials required- A toothpaste manufacturing plant ensures proper and accurate filling without any wastage and thus contributing to more cost-effectiveness.
  • Uniformity and Safety- The toothpaste manufacturing plant is compliant with the industry standards and the products that are rolled out have utmost hygiene as all the parts are easy to dismantle and clean.
  • Less Power Consumption- Modern and advanced technology use very little energy in the production line and work wonders in flexible production with the least maintenance cost.
  • High turnover due to humungous demand- Toothpaste is a daily part of our lives and there is always a huge demand for it. The demand increases perennially and such machinery becomes vital in increasing output efficiency.

A durable and good quality toothpaste manufacturing plant with excellent and renowned suppliers can deliver high output with a robust mechanism. Manufacturers of automatic toothpaste manufacturing plants offer complete sets in the production plant and automatic raw material feeding system, automatic metering, and control system.

Wax Vessel:

  • Open top with top Entry agitator Cowl disc type or paddle with Slow Speed Anchor.
  • Close top with top/bottom entry agitator Cowl disc type or propeller type stirrer.

Water Vessel:

  • Open top with top entry propeller stirrer
  • Close top with bottom or full entry propeller

Main Vessel:

  • Choice of various types of anchor design.
  • Homogeniser (option) – Top Entry, Side Entry, Bottom Entry with circulation facility.
  • Hydraulic lid lifting for fast & easy cleaning of top dish & vessel.
  • Load Cell for fast & accurate measuring system.
  • Flexible product transfer pipe & fitting in case of a load cell & hydraulic lifting.
  • VFD for Anchor agitators, Homogeniser to vary the RPM.
  • Specially Design drives assembly.


  • Manufacturing Vessel OR Jacketed Planetory Mixer
  • Wax Phase Vessel
  • Water Phase Vessel
  • Storage Vessel
  • Vacuum Pump
  • Control Panel
  • Product Piping
  • Working Platform
      • Material Transfer Pump to Transfer material from manufacturing Vessel OR Planetory Mixer to Storage Vessel & Storage Vessel to Ointment (Tube) Filling M/C. (02 nos.)
      • This system consist of a closed circuit manufacturing facility from feeding of Wax / Water Phase to loading the hopper of filling machine.
      • The Wax and Water at required temperature are transferred to Manufacturing Vessel or Planetory Mixer, by vacuum through conical filter.
      • The product during emulsion formation is recalculated through Ointment Transfer Pump The Pump also discharges the product in the Storage Vessel.
      • The Storage Vessel is then taken to the filling area and is connected to again Ointment Transfer Pump. Or Storage Vessel remain fixed ( In bigger size ) & pump transfer the ointments in the hopper of the Ointment Filling Machine.
      Toothpaste Making Machine
      Toothpaste Manufacturing Unit
      Toothpaste Manufacturing Plant
      Toothpaste Manufacturing Machine
      Toothpaste Manufacturing