Injectable Liquid Vial Filling Machine

Ampoule Filling line – Injectable Powder/Liquid Vial filling line

Ampoule Filling line – High speed 300 to 500 ampoule per minutes with Ampoule washer, Ampoule Sterilizations tunnel and Ampoule filler sealer machine with cabinet / Isolator base systems.

This Ampoule monoblock filling line is made by Shree Bhagwati Machtech India with german and Italy base partner technologies , Ampoule filling line with high quality vertical ultrasonic ampoule washing machine, Ampoule hot air circulation drying & sterilizing machine, Vertical ampoule filling and sealing machine with cabinet and Isolator base systems Class 100 area with US FDA requirement. Our filling line Compact with combined with other equipments machine , Also can be used separately as per requirement.

Our ampoule filling line operation shall be transporting Ampoule with Mesh belt than starting ampoule is going washer unit and start pouring water, Ampoule ultrasonic washing, flushing, Ampoule gas filling, preheating, ampoule drying and sterilizing with cooling, Ampoule nitrogen charging before ampoule filling, ampoule filling with nitrogen charging after filling, sealing also . Our continues production and updated base as per cGMP , USFDA standard ampoule and vial filling line can also be used for vial injectable production with highest speed and completes operation injectable powder, liquid production line.

  • Suitable for ampoule filling range of 1 ml to 20 ml Ampoules with help of syringe and change parts.
  • Filling volume adjustment by Servo with PLC.
  • Machine fitted with in-feed conveyor.
  • Co-eccentric nozzles allow very quick and precise filling.
  • No Ampoules – No Fill system.
  • No Ampoules – Machine Stop system.
  • All parts in contact with the liquid are made of SS 316 materials with silicone piping.
  • Toughen Glass cabinet with S.S structure for machine.

Ampoule filler – Ampoule filling machine mainly used for an 1-20 ml with 8 to 16 station ( head) nozzle ampoule filling machine with stepping type transmission system, Stainless Steel type structure, before nitrogen filling and full back nitrogen, pre-heating ampoule fill seal machine. speed available 300 ampoule per minutes to 500 per minutes.

Vial Injectable filling line for Liquid , powder sterile product filling line , Liquid injectable vial filling line with Cabinet, Laminar air flow , isolators with hepa filter etc available with Shree Bhagwati group..

Shree Bhagwati group manufacturing and export of wide range of Injectable Liquid and powder sterile vial filling line including gripper type washing machine, vial Sterilization tunnel , vial filler and stopper machine , Vial sealer machine , labelers and finally pack in to carton products. Speed available 60 vail per minute to 500 vial per minutes. Shree Bhagwati Group ISO/CE Certificate.

Vial Washing machine , Rotary vial washing machine with gripper systems , Suitable for washing vials from 2ml to 100ml or ampoules from 1 ml to 20ml.

Ampoule / Vial drying & sterilizing machine

Injectable Liquid vial Filling with Rubber Stoppering Machine EU GMP / US FDA Standard.

Our wide range of Complete Glass Ampoule filling and Production Line, Complete Liquid Vial Production Line, Complete Injectable Vial Dry Powder Production Line, Rotary Ampoule Washing Machine, Ampoule Filling & Sealing Machine, Glass Ampoule Sealing Machine, Rotary Ampoule Labeling Machine, Linear and rotary Vial Washing Machine, Liquid Vial Filling with Rubber Stoppering Machine, Class 100 Injectable Dry Powder Filling with Rubber Stoppering Machine, Pharma Vial Inspection Machine, Vial Aluminum Cap Sealing Machine, Vial Capper Machine, Bottle bottle Washing Machine, IV Bottle Filling Machine, IV Bottle Cap Sealing Machine, Ampoules, Vials & Bottles Sterilizing & Dehydrogenation Tunnel ..

Vaccine filling machine , Vaccine vial filling line made as per customer requirement with enclosed , RAB and ISOLATOR base systems with 0.5ml to 5 ML fill volumes , 5 ml to 30 ml with speed 60 vial per minute to 400 vial per minutes , Challenges of pharmaceuticals vaccine filling machine equipment that allows pharmaceuticals companies, researcher, scientist and other vaccine developers to scale up quickly, providing ultimate high speed to market.

Features & Benefit

  • Automated vaccine fill / finish
  • High Precise fill accuracy
  • Flexibility for aseptic vial & syringe filling on a single machine
  • Ensures employee and patient safety
  • Protections from cross-contaminations
  • Increases speed to markets
  • Quick developments and delivery time
  • Employee safety
  • Container flexibility
  • Cross contamination
  • Scalability
  • Staying cost competitive
Ampoule Filling line Injectable Liquid Vial filling line Injectable Dry Vial powder filling line