All About Bottle Unscramblers and Ampoule Filling Machine

In this Digital Era, everyone is inclined to get automated version of everything, be it for production or packaging of products.
The perfect automation of packaging provides an opportunity to producers to deliver their goods in standardized package to customers. The evolution in this industry has availed us with an adequate amount of machines such as Bottle Unscramblers, Ampoule Filling Machine, Oil Filling Machine, and many more.
Get the overall knowledge about the working and application of Bottle Unscramblers and Ampoule Filling Machines here:

What is a Bottle Unscrambler?

A Bottle Unscrambler is an automatic device which orients, operates and aligns the empty bottles into a single, upright and orderly manner, right onto the production line for further processing. It operates with accuracy, high efficiency and speed.

How Bottle Unscrambler is useful in various Industries?

A bottle unscrambler is integral equipment which is used for packaging. It is quite easy to understand, operate and maintain and it promotes trouble-free production. It separates and organizes all types of containers found in an unorganized hooper and delivers them onto parts of a production line such as filling machines, labelers, etc.
It is a space efficient machine and it consumes less time and energy for functioning. It adds convenience and makes the production process streamlined without complicating it.

Bottle unscrambler


It is adaptable device which can work with customized size and shape of containers without compromising its high performance. For instance, if a cosmetic company decides to retool their packaging, then also it can function without any interruption.
Bottle Unscramblers are used for arranging bottles in wide array of industries such as food and beverage, pharmaceutical, chemical, oil, cosmetic and many more. This includes the products such as dairy products, juice bottle, oil container, detergents & cleaners, bottled water, soaps, lotions, hair care products, etc.

Ampoule Filling Machine

The demand of medical equipment & products is increasing in healthcare sectors due to transformation and evolutions in machineries and operation techniques.
One of such innovations is Ampoule Filling Machine; it is an automatic device which is designed to keep filling process fully automated by maintaining consistency of weight and quality. It avoids direct contact with the drug or any liquid substances, which ensures formulation effectiveness is delivered to the target consumer.

How does an Ampoule Filling Machine work in Industries?

The empty washed & sterilized glass ampoules are received automatically from out-feed of sterilizing tunnel on wire mesh conveyor belt. It is then, fed into in-feed hopper from the machine and feed to receiving rack through cassette. The moving rack which moves horizontally collects the number of ampoules from the receiving rack and transfers the ampoule to the machine in an inclined position.

The rack stops sequentially and during this period, its every single procedural process stages are carried out like pre-gassing, filling, post-gassing, pre-heating and sealing. All the sealed ones are then, collected on rack for collection without human intervention.

Ampoule filling machines is widely used in industries such as pharmaceutical, chemical, biotech, cosmetic, etc. The ampoule is used to contain and preserve pharmaceutical hypodermic solutions, biotech products, etc.

They come in various types such as Ampoule Filling Machine with Two Heads, Four Heads, Six Heads, Eight Heads, Lab Scale Ampoule Filling Machine with Cabinet/ Close Loop / Laminar Air flow / Isolater / Gloss, Vertical Ampoule filling machine with Cabinet Ampoule filling line, etc
These machines are very useful for large batch production, it promotes quick and efficient filling of ampoules.


  1. Automation in packaging has helped the producers to promote a trouble free packaging techniques.
  2. The Bottle Unscramblers is used in wide array of industries which deals with containers. It is used to arrange containers on the conveyor belt for further processing.
  3. Ampoule filling machines is employed in industries to fill ampoules, by taking its utmost care and with efficacy.

In case, if you are dealing with large scale or batch production consisting containers, you may want a  specialist who can provide you highly efficient machines for filling and packaging.

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