Viscous Liquid Filling Machine

Automatic 4 Head Servo + PLC Base Ghee Filling Machine

4 Head Servo Base Ghee Filling Machine, PLC Base Ghee Filling Machine

The filling pump synchronized with conveyor drive and conveyor drive controlled by AC frequency drive. The speed can be set in terms of bottles per minute. The conveyor drive consists of a hollow shaft, geared motor controlled by AC frequency drive. A knob can set the speed of conveyor.

Shree Bhagwati is a world leading manufacturer of bottle filling line with 20+ years of experience in manufacturing liquid, powder, granules and viscous liquid filling line with speed 30 to 300 product per minutes.

Shree Bhagwati group has Installed various Viscous Liquid Filling Machines like Shampoo Filling Machine, Lotions Fillers, Creams Filling line, Paste Filling Machine, Cosmetics Filling Machine, Aloe Vera Cosmetics Filling Machine, Herbal Cosmetics Filling Machine, Marmalades Filling Machine, Chocolate/Candy Filling Machine, Oats Filling Machine, Ghee Filling Machine, Jam Filling Machine, Cheese Spread Filling Machine etc.

Technical Specification

Power 440 Volts / 3 Phases / 50 Hz
Product Ghee
Head 4
Air Pressure 4 Kg
Fill Volume 100ml- 1Ltr
Output in 2 Head Up to 30-40 Jar per minute

Machine Internationally proven high quality pneumatically + servo PLC operated piston filler with the latest technology – fixed product cylinder (syringe) attached to pneumatic cylinder in one line, giving better life to filling syringe seals and hence no leakages which are observed in mechanically driven machines with oscillating cylinders.

  • Completely in Stainless steel structure.

  • Heads or nozzles, with product cylinders (syringe), valve assemblies, stroke assemblies.

  • Unique with respect to interchangeability.

  • Quick change over and minimum down time.

  • Machine covered with enclosure for sanitized filling for multi-head machines(optional)

  • All bought outs internationally branded or imported.

  • All adjustments are tool free and highly operator friendly.

  • High quality import substitute machine.

  • Filling accuracy ±  ½ %

Filling System

  • Diving nozzle with adjustable depth of diving depending on bottle height variations.

  • Pneumatically open/shut type positive shut off nozzle with separate pneumatic cylinder to reduce foaming.

  • Adjustable diving nozzle withdrawal speed for foaming products.

  • Adjustable filling speed subject to flow characteristics of product.

  • Neck locator provided to accurately locate bottle mouth prior to filling for small mouth bottles.

  • The hollow piston rod of pneumatic cylinder facilitates tightening of expandable Teflon piston rings without opening the piston filler, while in operation.

  • Product being filled by free flow without back pressure.

Volume Adjustment

  • Combined volume adjustment for multi-head machines with individual fine volume adjustments between cylinders.

  • Scale for measuring length of stroke adjustment provided for repeat calibrations.

  • Volume dispensed depends on length of the stroke which gives positive displacement of product.

  • Entire volume adjustment assembly housed in sealed cabinet at back of the machine.

Conveyor Automation

  • Length of the conveyor – depending on number of heads.

  • Adjustable Side Guides for variable container sizes.

  • 0.25 hp drive with suitable reduction gearbox of Bonfingloili. Lifelong lubrication.

  • Adjustable Optical/proximity sensors to sense bottles on the conveyor line.

  • Stoppers with pneumatic cylinder controls to adjust the speed of stopping and withdrawal, for fine adjustments of the line.

Safety & Interlocks

  • No bottle - No fill. Filling starts only if bottles are under respective filling heads.

  • Conveyor jam post filling – No fill.

  • Nozzle ‘home’ sensor for stopping movement of bottle until nozzle withdraws completely after filling to avoid bottle toppling.

  • Emergency stop button for sudden stopping of filling line.


  • ll pneumatic components are self lubricated. No lubrication required.

  • All pneumatic control components are housed in a separate cabinet neatly.

  • Long life ceramic spool operated pneumatic diversion solenoid valves.

  • Concealed PU tubing’s from cabinet to pneumatic cylinders.

  • Filter regulator units are provided along with the machine.

  • ‘8’ figure patented piston seal, permits smooth movement of piston at very low speeds without jerks thus facilitating smooth filling, which is the specialty of our machine.

Electricals & Logic Controls

  • Panel wiring professionally done with cable trays, ferrules, structured wiring.

  • Concealed electrical control circuit wiring for the PLC.

  • Alpha-numeric 2 line digital display.

  • PLC input – output are 24 V DC.

  • Microprocessor controlled pneumatic cylinders sync logics.

  • Production counter display facility on PLC.

  • RYB indicator lamp post for machine status indication.

  • Filling head Logic is suitable to run individual heads, in the rare case of one or two heads being under breakdown.

  • Touch button PLC controls for data entry.

  • Circuit diagram & PLC ladder diagram provided with machine.


  • Pneumatics of SMC, Japan

  • Sensors of Omron/Datalogics.

  • Switches of Schneider, Germany.

  • Drives of Bonfingloili, Italy.

  • Conveyor Slat of Magris, Italy.

  • PLC of Mitsubishi, ABB, Siemens, or Allen Bradley.

Automatic Viscous Ghee Filling Machine :

SERVO + PLC based automatic Viscous Ghee Filling machine online automatically with :

  • Servo Base Piston operating

  • Volume Adjustable from PLC – NO Tools required

  • Multi Dose filling arrangement – on request

  • Multi head dozers

  • Diving nozzles.

  • Shut off type nozzle for anti-drip.

  • SS conveyor  with ‘stop-release line automation’,

  • ‘no-bottle-no- fill ‘controls,   

  • CIP mode for rinsing of product cylinders, valves and nozzles.

  • Ideally suited to fill viscous products like Ghee & lotions.

  • Adjustable guide rails on conveyor to accommodate different diameters of bottles/cans.

  • SS hopper.

  • Pneumatic cylinders for Bottle Stopper.

  • Adjustable diving depth depending on size of bottles/cans.

  • PLC + Touch Screen controlled panel for electrical controls.

  • Production counter on PLC.

  • PLC settings for varied volumes.

  • Volume adjustment facility for different pack volumes.

  • Height adjustment facility for different bottle sizes.

  • Optical/Proximity sensors to sense arrival of bottles to filling station.

  • Stoppers to accurately stop bottles/cans under the filling nozzle.

  • Accuracy ±0.25% to 0.5%

  • All contact parts SS316 and non contact parts SS304


  • Compressed Air 20-24 cfm @ 4-6 kg/

  • Uninterrupted 3 phase, 50 Hz, AC, and Uninterrupted power supply system.

4 Head Servo Base Ghee Filling Machine
Automatic 4 Head Servo PLC Base Ghee Filling Machine
Shampoo, Lotions, Fillers, Creams, Paste, Cosmetics, Aloe, Vera, Herbal, Marmalades, Chocolate, Candy, Oats, Jam Filling Machine
Creams Viscous Liquid Filling Machine
Lotions Viscous Liquid Filling Machine