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Vaseline Jelly Filling Machine – 8 Head Piston Liquid Filling Machine

8 Head Piston Liquid Filling Machine , Petroleum Jelly Manufacturing Machine , Petroleum Jelly Manufacturing Plant

Specification of the Vaseline Jelly Filling Machine’s basics :

Machine Name Automatic Piston Liquid Filling Machine
Filling System Servo base filling
Production Speed Per Hour 6400 to 7200 containers per hour Speed Depends upon the Number of Filling Heads, Liquid Foaming Nature, Filling Volume, Neck Size)
Number of Filling Heads 8 Heads
Working Direction Left to Right - Linear
Suitable for Products Free Flowing Liquids
Suitable for Packing Material HDPE / PET / GLASS / METAL TIN / Aluminum Bottles
Application Filling Liquid / Viscous Liquid/ Hot Liquid in to the Bottles /Containers
Volume Capacity (Range of Syringe) 100ml to 1000 ml with help of change parts
Hopper Capacity 200 liters
Hopper Specification Jacketed with stirrer
Volume Adjustment HMI + PLC (one time setting)
Prevention of Dropping Pneumatic system
Up Down Movement Pneumatic system
Filling Volume Accuracy +/-0.5 %
Working Height 860mm ( +/-50 mm)
Machine Weight Approx 600 Kgs
Machine Dimension Approx ­12 (L) x 8 (W) x 10 (H) – in Feet
No Bottle – No Filling With the help of Sensor

Vaseline Jelly Filling Machine’s material of construction :

Machine main base frame Mild Steel Angles
Machine Coverings Complete in S.S. 304
Product Contact Parts Stainless Steel 316
Non Contact Parts Stainless Steel / Mild Steel / Aluminum / Teflon (Whichever is applicable)
Conveyor Stainless Steel 304
Conveyor Guide Stainless Steel 304 Rod (10mm Round Bar)
Slat Chain Size 97mm, Pitch - 3.5”, Stainless Steel 304
Slat Chain thickness 3mm
Conveyor Motor 0.5 HP 1440 RPM Bonfiglioli
Hopper Stainless Steel 316
Upper and Lower Level for Hopper Level Switch with Sensor
Bearings SKF / Nachi (USA) / Timken (USA)
Plating(Wherever Applicable) Zinc / Hard Chrome / Blackening
In let & Out Let Pipes Silicon Hose Pipes
By-Pass Pipes Silicon Pipes
Material Collection Tray at the bottom of Conveyor Stainless Steel 304
Emergency Stop Emergency push button on conveyor

Piston Liquid Filler Machine’s electronics & pneumatics components :

Machine Motor Make 2 KW Delta / Panasonic
Conveyor Motor Make 0.5 HP Bonfiglioli
Conveyor Gear Box Make Bonfiglioli Ratio: 50:1
VFD Make Delta / ABB
HMI + PLC Delta / Panasonic
Electrical Wiring Ferrule Numbering on all the wires with Proper Markings
Level sensor for hopper Leuze /Sick / Panasonic
Electrical Components ABB / Delta /Spectra
Sensors Leuze /Sick / Panasonic
Proxy Autonix / Pulset
Operating Panel HMI + PLC
Pneumatics SMC / Festo / Janatics
Air Pipes SMC / Festo / Janatics
Wires & Cables Labb

Machine’s power & air consumption requirement

Power 2 H.P / 230 V.AC
Phase Single Phase
Compressed Air Required 6 bar pressure 0.5 CFM

Volumetric piston filler fills liquid and semi-viscous products like: vaseline jelly, hot soups, jams and spreads, yogurts with fruits, salsa, hummus & cheese dips, cottage, white cheese, Viscous Liquid Filling Machine is widely used for Fills Oils, Ghee, Syrups, Paste, Fruit Pulp, Peanut Butter, Jam, Sauces, Ketchups, Ayurvedic , Milk Filling, Bottle Filling, Jar Filling, Container Filling, Oil Filling, Ointment Filling, Shampoo Filling, Juice Filling, Liquor Filling, Can Filling, Food Product Filling which is suitable to fill 10ml to 20 Ltr of any liquid in Bottles, Cans, Jars, Tubs with different model.

This high capacity volumetric piston filler automatically fills viscous products like: protein salads, potato or pasta salads, cream cheese based dips, creamy coleslaw, sour cream based dips, peanut butter, cakes & cookies dough.

It can fill also sticky products like: glues, epoxies, paints, caramels.

This piston filler fills hot products as well as cold products.

Piston Filling with Servo Drive Technology Product applications: for low-viscosity liquids, for corrosive products, for food, alcoholic beverage, for lubricants, for pasty products, for viscous products, for viscous liquids, fruit juice, lubricating oil, for viscous products, for chemical products, sauce, beverage, for automotive applications, water, tea, for perfumes, for cosmetic products, for vegetable oil, for water, for wine, for aggressive products, for oil, for abrasive products, cosmetic cream, oil, for paint, animal feed, for high-viscosity products, for paste, wine, for edible oil , Container type for glass bottles, for plastic bottles, jerry can, multi-container, container, can, cup, jug, bottle, for cream, for glass containers, for jars

Operational mode : automatic, semi-automatic

Type : volumetric, weight, linear, vertical, multi-head, piston, pneumatic, in-line, servo-driven

Other characteristics : pneumatic, PLC-controlled, compact, high-speed, with conveyor, servo-driven, flexible, explosion-proof, ATEX, with screw feeder, for semi-liquids, with metal detector, stand-alone

Throughput : Min.: 40 p/min & Max.: 380 p/min

Linear filler you can fit out with 6 to 12 filling heads.

Filler Machines for all type of Liquids, Viscous liquid & Capping Machinery Applications

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Real Mayonnaise Filling machine Choco Bliss Filling machine Jam Filling machine
Light & Egg Free Mayonnaise Filling Mayo Garlic Sauce Filling machine Vaseline Jelly filling line
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Sandwich Spread Filling machine Ginger Garlic Paste Filling machine Honey Filling line
Olive Spread Filling machine Soya Sauce Filling machine Cream Filling machine
Hair Oil Filling machine Chile/Chili Sauce Filling machine Shampoo Filling machine
Oil Filling machine Detergent Filling machine Engine Oil Filling line
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Pharma Syrup Filling filling and capping machine Edible Oil Filling Line Lotion Filling line

Optional accessories (if required by customer at extra cost)

  • Pneumatic Based Dripping Tray

  • Pneumatic Neck Holding System

  • Stainless Steel Flexible Pipes in Case of Hazardous Product

  • Flame Proof Motor & Control Panel

  • In-Feed Turn Table for Continues Bottle Feeding.

  • Pre & Post Nitrogen Flushing System

  • Polycarbonate Enclosure in Stainless Steel Structure

Machine’s utility requirement (customer need to arrange)

  • Voltage Stabilizer to control power fluctuation

  • Main Electrical Power Input till Machine

  • Well Trained Operator for Operating Every Machine

  • Un-Skilled Helper to help the Operator.

  • Air Compressor


This viscous filler is best suitable for Balm, Petroleum Jelly , Gel, Honey, Adhesive, Chuna Paste, Food Paste, Cosmetic Creams, Lotions, Ginger-Garlic Paste  with customer known to equipment with different name Paste filling machine, viscous piston filler pneumatic, Servo piston filler, pneumatic paste filler, Viscous piston filling machine, Jelly / cream filler machine, Automatic cream dispensing machine , Petroleum Jelly Manufacturing Machine (Petroleum Jelly Manufacturing Plant) etc.

Shree Bhagwati is manufacturing many different models including automatic and semi auto viscous filling machine with Single head, two head filler, four head filling machine, six head viscous filling machine and Eight Head Volumetric Viscous Liquid/Paste Filling Machine is suitable for Oval, hex, Round or Flat shape Bottles or Jars with minimum speed 10 bottle per minute and maximum speed of 250 Products per minute. Piston filler Machine design specially suitable for Viscous Liquid or Gel/Paste, cream and other semi solid viscous filling materials also some time customer needed to Fill HOT with Temperature of more than 40 degree Celsius.

8 Head Volumetric Liquid Filling Machine
8 Head Volumetric Liquid Filling Machine
Liquid Bottle Filling Machine
Oil Filling machine
Automatic 8 Head Piston Liquid Filling Machine
Mayonnaise Filling machine

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