Powder Filling Machines

Automatic Air Jet Bottle Cleaning Machine


A compact unit totally made of S.S. structure with height adjustment legs, are provided to adjust the machine height. Machine is facilitated with Unscramble for smooth transfer of container to the Cleaning Section. This machine works with the principal of backpressure of container. Container which will fed by the Unscramble, to reach to the separator assembly, which transfers the container to the cleaning section one after the another. Machine consist of two Inverter, which makes the container in the wrong direction and push it to cleaning section through back pressure of other container, Cleaning section is equipped with continuous vacuum system. Container reaches to the cleaning section a pair of air nozzles starts to flush the air inside the neck of the container and simultaneously vacuum will suck the particles, disturbed by the air. Then container passes to the another inverter, where changes the direction to the right direction, further container moves either to the filling machine.

Salient Features

  • Positive air pressure and vacuum cleaning.

  • Easy operation.

  • Stationary S.S. nozzles.

  • Automatic loading and unloading of container.

  • Individual control for air pressure and vacuum cleaning.

  • Higher capacity blower to clean properly.

  • S.S. pressure meter.

Product Video