Wrap Round Bottle Labeling Machine

Automatic Bottle Labeler Machine

Automatic Bottle Labeler Machine


Superfast, efficient, reliable and time-tested machine having more than 150 Installations in India and Abroad. is equipped with a dual speed elec. motor (1400 / 2800-rpm) which is connected to a variable speed pulley through a reduction gearbox by means of a clogged V belt for varying the speed of machine. Optionally the same can be equipped with Variable AC. Freq. Drive System for optimum speed control, AC drive eliminate periodically replacement of Variable Speed Pulley. Latest Microprocessor controlled gluing system. Horizontal or Vertical Code over printing device are added features of the machine. Optionally metallic type stereo holder can also be fitted on the machine.

Technical Specifications of Bottle Labeler Machine

Model HL-1 HL-2 HL-3
Label Size Width X Length Min. 20 mm (W)45 mm (L)Max 70 mm (W)90 mm (L) Min. 20 mm (W)45 mm (L)Max 70 mm (W )120 mm (L) Min. 20 mm (W)45 mm (L)Max 90 mm (W)175 mm (L)
Ampoules / Vials Diameter Min.- 16 mmMax-90 mm Min 16 mmMax 90 mm Min 16 mmMax 90 mm
Max. Output Labels / Min 300 LabelsPer Minute 300 LabelsPer Minute 150 LabelsPer Minute
Suitable For For Vials For Vials / Bottles For Bottles

Salient Features

  • Provision of Safety System for stopping the machine in case a Bottle / Vial enters the safe zone to avoid damages to Products & Feed Worm.

  • Provision of Drop Oilers for continuous lubrication. No Finger system and Only Vacuum operated 3 / 6 Label pick up cylinder ensures fast delivery of Labels with minimum rotation of Cylinder and also suits Very High Speed Labeling.

  • Glue Saving 30% to 50% due to strip Gluing System.

  • Elimination of Label Wastage - No Container No Label Device

  • Glue Saving due to No Label No Gluing Device.

  • Low Maintenance due to Fully Gear Drive System.

  • Built in Safety Device for preventing damage to Container and Feed Worm.

  • Easy Change Over System For Change parts of Bottle / Label Size.

  • Least Change Over time for change parts.

  • Vacuum Label Pickup system - No Label Finger.

  • Easy to change label application height appx. 5 mm.

  • Suitable for Overlap Labelling.

  • Built-In Code-Over (Batch No., Price etc.) Printing Device.