Tablet Counting and Filling Machine

Automatic Desiccant Inserter/ Silica Gel Inserter GMP

Desiccant Inserter/Silica Gel Inserter Machine

The Automatic High Speed Canister (Silica Gel) Inserting Machine, is suitable for Round or Other Shape Bottles with maximum speed of 100 Bottles per minute depending on Bottle Diameter and Height. Specially Machine construction in Stainless Steel finish including machine M.S. frame structure with Stainless Steel Cladding/Enclosures.

The Desiccant Inserter/ Silica Gel Inserter Machine is suitable for Canister of Silica gel into the Bottle used on Tablet / Capsule Bottle Packing Line for Online operation. Machine can insert the required number of Canister in Single Bottles. Machine can be connected with any Bottle Packing Line for using it online. Machine suitable for various sizes of Bottles as well as Canister with the help of change parts for different Canister Size, Machine does not require change parts for change in bottle size

Technical Specification

Bottle Diameter Up to 125mm* and other shape on request
Bottle Height Up to 225mm*
Canister Size  Samples required
Electrical 415VAC 3Phase and 220 VAC Single Phase Power Supply (50 Hz) with A.C. Drive
Power 1.0 H.P.
Conveyor Height 815-850 mm
Speed 100 Bottles per minute depending on Bottle and Canister Size