Cap Pressing Machine

Automatic Multi Head ROPP Cap Sealing Machine

Automatic Multi Head ROPP Cap Sealing Machine


Automatic ROPP cap sealing machine is versatile, self-supported on stainless steel leg with height adjustable adjustment system. The machine is precision built on sturdy welded steel frame completely enclose in stainless steel sheet and doors are provided to facilitate the servicing of machine. Ropp capper – ROPP Capping machine speed and application depend of bottle like Glass, Plastic, PET, LDPE, HDPE Bottles with maximum speed of 300 Bottles per minute depending on Bottle Diameter, Bottle Height, Bottle Shape and Cap Size customer use for pharmaceutical, Liquor, wine , honey , syrup , cosmetic, chemical, food, Ayurvedic and herbal industry. Our machine is running with many different industry , ROPP capper mostly use Pharmaceutical Bottle ROPP capper, Agrochemical bottle capping machine, Food jar capping machine, Toiletries bottle ROPP capper, Cosmetic bottle ROPP capper and Lubricant Oil, Edible Oil ROPP capper machine, Lube oil ROPP capper machine, lubricants cap sealing machine, engine lubricants cap sealing machine, Pesticide Bottle ROPP capping Machine, Capping Machine for pesticide bottle, Single Head ROPP capping Machine For Hdpe Bottle, Bottle ROPP capping Machine, Single Head Bottle ROPP capping Machine, Single Head ROPP capping Machine For Small Hdpe Bottle with max speed 50 bottle per minute, Rotary ROPP capping machine, Six head ROPP capping Machine for flat and round bottle speed maximum 100 bottle per minute, Six Head Bottle ROPP capping Machine, ROPP capping machine for cosmetic jar or bottle, glass jar or bottle, Jerry can, lubricant can, HDPE jar or bottle, PET jar or bottle, Single Head ROPP capping Machine, Multi Head ROPP capping Machine, Eight Head capping machine, linear jar ROPP capping machine and also we have range capping machine with 1 /4 /6/8/10/12/18 head ROPP capping machine suitable for Pharmaceuticals, Dairy, Breweries, Edible Oil, Food, Distilleries, pesticides, Toiletries, Cosmetics, Lube, Ancillaries etc.

The feed container moving on conveyor belt are feed into an infeed star wheel through In-feed worm, star wheel bringing the container below the sealing head in the subsequent indexing part, mean while the bottle pickup a cap from the delivery chute of cap filling bowl, where the body and the neck of the container are positioned below the rotating head, where the sealing head is performing perfect operation of threading & sealing.

Utility Requirement

Electrical Supply Three Phase + Neutral + Earthing
Electrical Load 1.5 KW

Automatic Multi Head ropp Cap Sealing Machine