Oil Filling Machine

Automatic Rotary Piston Filling & Capping Machine

Rotary Piston Filling & Capping Machine

Salient Features of Rotary Piston Filling & Capping Machine

  • Machine is of simple design and with very less moving parts. Thus, easy to maintain.

  • The bottle lifters are mechanical spring loaded.

  • All Change parts made out of UHMW.

  • Centralized lubrication.

  • Capable of handling bottles of any shape and size.

  • Speed variable with variable speed pulley. However, AC frequency drive can also be provided at an additional cost.

  • Inbuilt conveyor with overlapping at out feed end driven by imported speed variator.

  • Higher models fitted with automatic overflow system.

  • Safety hood aluminum S. S. frame with toughened glass can also be provided at additional cost.

  • Easy change over from one size to another.

Key Features

  • 'GMP' Model based on advanced technology.

  • Single Operator for Two Operations.

  • Less Floor Area - as both the sections driven by one motor.

  • No Contamination as immediate sealing of filled bottles.

  • Accuracy Ã,±1% due to piston dozing principle.

  • Centralized Volume Adjustment System.

  • No Bottle No Fill for individual head, hence no spillages.

  • Placing of Cap Feeder Outside Monoblock-avoid entering of dust in it.

  • Fewer Caps in chute automatically stop the machine.

  • Additional Sensors for Minimum and Maximum Level of Cap in chute which automatically start and stop rotary cap feeder to avoid Damage of caps during Rotation and Wastage of Energy.

  • Better finish imported polished, laminated S.S. sheet used.

  • Electronic liquid level controller and pneumatically controlled control valve.

  • Self Lubricating UHMW- PE Guide profile for Low friction wear surface, smooth and noiseless conveying.

  • Universal coupling for quick and easy setting of In-feed worm.

  • Safety Guard for Operation and Protection.

  • Electronic Sensor at out feed for Bottle Jamming.

Optional Features

  • Motorized Height Adjustments.

  • Automatic chain washing system for conveyor belt.

  • In-built pre-inspection.

  • Nitrogen Flushing.

  • Cap Elevator to feed caps to the feeding bowl.

To fill-liquor, pharma liquids, household liquids in glass rigid bottles and containers.

Gravity Filling Machine

Gravity filling system is simplest and efficient filling system for non carbonated liquids, like vacuum filters, these fillers also maintain same level while filling particular size adjustment and fill by gravity principle. It is used for filling only non carbonated liquids. Gravity fillers are available in options of with and without partial vacuum depending upon applications.

Direct contact of filling tank and filling nozzles both in stainless steel avoids plastic tubings. Thus, no chances of contamination, easy cleaning and change over from one product to another.

Vacuum Filling Machine

Vacuum filler is a rotary level filler which fills with vacuum principle and maintains same level while filling particular size adjustment. It is used for filling only non carbonated liquids.