Ayurvedic/Herbal Medicine Manufacturing & Packaging Machines and Plants

Use of herbal medicine is the oldest form of health care known to mankind. Aryuveda is a life science dealing with treatment as well as enhancing the overall well being of an individual. Standard procedures have to be strictly followed during preparations of these medicines to ensure good quality and contamination free medicine is manufactured.

Herbal Medicine manufacturing

The manufacture of medicines must always be guided by the principles of good manufacturing process (GMP). Principles of GMP have been made mandatory in most countries of the world to produce quality products. These processes start from collection of raw materials, storage, manufacturing, batching, sales, distribution and administration to patients.

Machines Used In Herbal Medicine Manufacturing

Unlike convectional pharmaceutical products whose processes can be standardized, herbal medicine production varies from product to product and involves processes of extracting chemicals from plant material and converting plant or other natural material to forms that can be utilized for treatment purposes. Plant materials are often sourced from different geographical and commercial sources. Ayurvedic medicine manufacturing processes include extraction, fractionation, purification, concentration, mixing and blending, tablet making, coating, bottle filling, packaging and wrapping and many more depending on the nature of product. Some of the machines used in ayurvedic products manufacturing include;

Ointment Plant

Tablet Granulation Line for Making Tablets and Powder Ayurveda Products

Granulation is the process of enlarging powdered particles using the agglomeration technique. This is an important operation in manufacturing pharmaceutical products, Ayurvedic herbal tablets, capsules and protein powder formulations. The process involves conversion of the fine powders to free flowing, dust free granules that are easy to compress. The ayurvedic tablets granulation lines from Bhagwati pharma are sturdy in construction and able to produce high quality granules without having excessive wear and tear.

Ointment Section for Cream, Gels and Oils for Ayurveda Product

There is a whole range of ointment making machines including the ayurvedic cream ointment making machines, gel manufacturing plants and ayurvedic cosmetics filling machines that are designed to comply with the GMP standard. The ointment, ayurvedic gels, malt, oils, syrups and suspensions plants comply with safety features such as overload protection system, heat extraction provisions; emergency switch off systems and all parts are made with high quality materials to withstand heavy workloads.

Syrup Manufacturing and Filling Line for Ayurveda Products

Syrup manufacturing machines are also important in manufacturing of herbal products since a large proportion of ayurvedic products are in liquid and syrup form. Liquid ayurvedic products and pastes such as toothpaste and mouthwash, liquid soaps, ointments and many more. A whole range of mixing and filling machines for these herbal products are available at the company such as ACCUFILL bottle filling machine, Automatic double head tube filler, pouch making machines and many other innovative machines.

Powder Manufacturing Lines

Bhagwati Pharma Company has also developed a wide range of quality products powder manufacturing machines including the Powder blender, filling line for Powder blending, mixing, powder auger filling line for bottles, Jars and many other package designs. The company offers high quality products in line with their ethical business policy. There are many different powder manufacturing and filling machines for ayurvedic medicine production in store for all your needs.