Bhagwati Pharma – New Manufacturing Unit at Ankleshwar

Bhagwati Pharma is a renowned name offering filling and packaging lines for aseptic fill and finish processes that require a high level of precision and perfection. Our new endeavour, the new unit at Ankleshwar offers custom-designed solutions which can seamlessly integrate into production lines. The unique proposition of this unit is that it can launch, modify and upgrade equipment with regards to aspects like speed, type, size, shape, and change over time to optimize production efficiency.

Bhagwati Pharma New Manufacturing Unit at Ankleshwar

The production card offered by the Bhagwati Group offers equipment with a complete range and is designed by modern innovative technologies aiming at zero wastage and quick delivery. Categorically they are truly inspiring and have entirely changed the way the world looks at the filling and packaging industry. Broadly they are classified and mentioned below-

Dry Granulation Process and the Wet Granulation Technology

Dry Powder Filling and Liquid Filling Machinery

Dry Powder fillers are very important for any industry and can allow the repeated dosing of powders in precise amounts accurately, safely, and with minimal downtime. The versatility allows for longer shelf life and transportation to diverse locations which are useful in many industries. A few of them are the Augur type powder fillers, the injectable dry powder fillers, and the dry syrup filling machines. The augur type is a high volume and fast filler which works on the principle of positive displacement screw operating under a constant head to dispense the product through a funnel into a container. Various fine powders used for scientific research can be filled through this filler. The Injectable filling uses a rubber stopper mechanism and uses a vacuum and pressure dosing system to withstand amazingly long hours of production while the dry syrup powder machine is known for its highest level of automation and maintaining the chemical stability of the product.

Liquid filling machines product range include various types of machinery catering to different vial and bottles as well as depending on the viscosity of the fluid. The ones that are commonly sought are the Injectable liquid vial fillers that work on the volumetric principle with diving nozzles and a conveyor belt on which the vials move towards the filling station where there are multiple heads. There are pre-filled syringe filling machines that are much used in the pharmaceutical industry where the syringes are filled through an electronic pump. There are other liquid bottle filling machines like tube fillers and cream fillers and even special ones for oil and viscous liquid filling. The linear filling machines can well be used to avoid foaming and the nozzle has features of sucking back arrangement.

Liquid Filling Machine

Capping Machinery

Different types of machinery are available for packaging solutions and the capping systems like the servo based, pick and place, snap/press-fit, screw, ROPP, Induction cap sealer machine, and the Measuring or dosing cup placement and pressing machine can be operated with the help of a touch screen to aid in smooth and accurate container handling. They are equipped with a bowl feeder for continuous and consistent input and output lines. The fast product changeovers can adjust the heights while preventing cap damages. They find its application in a variety of industries like Cosmetics and Personal Care, Food, Chemical, Health Care, Distillery, Dairy, Fertilizers, Ayurveda products, Agro Chemicals, Brewery industries, and many more.

Pick and Place Capping Machine Pick Caps One by One with a Custom Designed Mechanism to be Placed on the Bottle Heads

Turn Table Section and the Washing Machines

This range of machinery work on the electrical power mode and follows the Geneva principle. Users manually load and unload bottles and the turntable scramblers and unscramblers are known for their simple operation and multifunctional capacities. They have tools for washing plastic and gas bottles are have a great finish and are sturdy by nature. There are specifically designed washers that offer the best cleaning mechanisms to prevent any contamination.  There is diverse machinery like Automatic linear tunnel type bottle washing machines, Automatic High speed inverted type air-jet cleaners, and automatic four head bottle air jet cleaning tools.

Automatic External Ampoule Washing Labelling Machine

Tablet Section

There are two types of granulation technologies like the dry granulation process and the wet granulation technology. Wet granulation is a process where granules are formed by adding granulation liquid to a powder bed. Agitation is produced which results in a combination of the powder particles to produce wet granules. Dry granulation involves dealing with moisture-sensitive materials and is a process where compacting and densifying the powder is done to create granules without any liquid. High pressure is used and machinery like the High Shear Mixer Granulators, Fluid Bed Dryers, and the CIP- WIP systems are used.

luid Bed Coater Tablet Section

Tablet Press Section

The models of machinery that can help compress powder into tablets of uniform size and weight are demanded in pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, cleaning products, and cosmetic industries.  There are Rotary table presses with single as well as multiple tooling stations and can enhance the output of tablets. The tooling must comply with certain specifications to fulfill the needs of production efficiency, dosage uniformity, and aesthetic appearance, and modern-day manufacturer’s aid in the dimensions standardization to enable interchangeability between tablet presses.

Tablet Press Machine

Blister Packing Machinery

This machinery is equipped and developed to meet the demand for packaging-sensitive products. It is useful for commercial-grade applications and compactly built for meeting high standard specifications. Tablets can be packed and sealing done for ampoule, syringes, and capsules to resist damage or change. Blister packaging is used to turn transparent plastic film or sheet into a blister. Various methods like hot pressing, bonding, and other methods are used to seal the products in a cavity between the blister and base plate. Blister packaging can be adapted to fit the needs of the product.

Blister Packing Machine SB Pack 240

Labeling and Inspection Machinery

Labelling machinery work by a mechanism in which the containers bottles or vials are fed via a conveyor belt where the servo motor takes them in.  It works synchronously with the feed screw and rotary disk of the labeling machine. Labeling machines run mostly at a constant speed and. the container table rotates at a speed that is adjusted to the process. The height at which the label is dispensed is exactly adjusted before the dispensing process. The label is brushed on directly after it is dispensed, which ensures a wrinkle-free, perfect fit. There are tools designed with single and double-sided stickers. A complete range of labeling equipment like the Fully Automatic Self Adhesive Vertical High-Speed Ampoule, Semi-Automatic Self-Adhesive Labelling Machine, Fully Automatic High-Speed Wet Glue Labelling instruments, and Bottle Labeler equipment is available to avoid manual feeding and storing of label length data. There are sensors and minimal change time facilitates faster output. The inspection machinery performs the role of a complete audit to avoid any breakdown or wear and tear.

Pharma Bottle Labeling machine with bottle feeding turn table

Other Products

Shree Bhagwati Group is also known for its allied production line like the belt conveyor systems like the food-grade ribbon blender, Stainless Steel Wire Mesh Conveyor, Gravity roller conveyor, spiral and drive roller conveyor, and much more.

Ribbon Blender Mixer
Ribbon Blender Mixer with Powder Feeding Screw Conveyor

Automation Personified

Shree Bhagwati Pharma is well equipped to drive the next revolution and is the leading automation supplier and manufacturer of packaging and processing machinery. The huge portfolio offered and its spread is getting more successful owing to its production experience from existing plants. It offers leading solutions from a single piece to high volume production with flexibility and efficacy like never before. They offer a one-stop solution and help majorly in the reduction of complexity and downtime.

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