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Pharmaceutical bins or containers Bin washing machines designed by different shapes for cleaning components and cabins. We offered movable bin washer, bin washing systems with double chamber with Bin automatic washing machine, different type IPC bins, IBC Bin, Bin Blender, Bin Loader, IPC Containers & Bins washing systems we can designed as per customer requirement.

The IBC Bin Washing machine is the main automatic bin washing equipment in the tablet solid dosage production procedure. One main bin washer machine can wash different specifications of bins and containers, and consequently it is considered as the ideal washing equipment for bins or containers in pharmaceutical industry. It is also widely used in solid pharma , API Pharma , chemical, foodstuff industries, etc.

IBC bin i.e. Intermediate Bulk Container permits homogenous blending of multiple ingredients without the need to transfer to another machine. Bing Washing Machine helps to eliminate with the segregation and cross contamination issues. With the ease of loading of IBC it can also be lifted and positioned for discharging.

This bins or containers washing equipment with pump station, air handling unit (AHU)- Optional , washing and operating control systems. When operating, open the inlet door of the Bin washing station, push in the used bin or container and close the door of bin washer. Then, set the washing procedure according to the process requirements and start the bin washing procedure. When the automatic bin washing is finished then machine shall stops automatic. After open the exit door of the washing bin washing machine / station, push out the bin and store it in a clean intermediate room for next production usage.

This equipment is successfully designed on the basis of a wide research, absorption and digestion of foreign advanced models. It has a reasonable structure with stable performances and easy operation; the whole machine has no dead angle or exposed screws. PLC is designed to ensure a fully automatic control and user friendly operation.

The washing process has been greatly optimized. Bin Washing stations comply entirely with GMP requirements for solid dose production

  • Bin Washing Machine is easy to operate and maintain

  • No protruding screws and dead angles

  • We offer CE and cGMP compliant – optional

  • Cost competitive

  • Offers all-in-one cleaning solution

General Layout of Bing Washing Machine:

General Layout of Bin Washing Machine