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Bottle Unscrambler

Model No.: SBCS-4000
Bottle Unscrambler SBCS-4000


Our bottle unscrambling machine suitable for any kind of round and flat bottle with speed 60 BPM to 300 BPM , Pharmaceutical bottle bottle unscrambling machine, neutraceutical bottle unscrambling machine, cosmetic bottle unscrambling machine, personal care and specialty chemicals , Dairy ,Bottled Water etc.

Our SB-6, SB-10 and SB-15 are linear bottle unscrambling machine specially designed to provide oriented bottle to the bottle filling and Jar packaging production line. SB series are Unscrambles machine positioning bottles vertically before they reach the filling line.

Lineal Unscrambler for empty plastic bottles or  bottle unscrambles / high speed orientations are specially designed to bulk plastic containers, Bottle and jar and automatic stand them up-right onto a conveyor. Multipack’s High speed bottle unscrambles shall be adjusted to accommodate a variety of bottle / container any shapes and sizes .

Multipack’s Lineal Unscrambler for empty plastic bottles or bottle unscrambles / high speed orientations are specially designed to bulk plastic containers, Bottle and jar and automatic stand them up-right onto a conveyor. Multipack’s High speed bottle unscrambles shall be adjusted to accommodate a variety of bottle / container any shapes and sizes .

Automatic bottle unscramble machine with  belt type systems integration equipment, bottle convenient operation,  User friendly simple maintenance and reliable running. This bottle unscrambled machine consists of bottle rotary plate with lifter, mainframe and conveyors. Bottles rotating systems with food grade belts conveying systems to the unscrambling device with bottle standing on the conveyor belts.

Our bottle unscramble machine is heavy-duty stainless steel 304 frame, food grade belt and conveyor chain  as well container / bottle contact parts,  Automatic Bottle Unscrambles are food grade materials and durable. All bottle contact parts is Stainless Steel or a Gmp, cGMP,  FDA/USDA approved food grade material uses on request by customer.

Our bottle unscramble machine is best suitable for Pharma-line Production line machines, with their many optional and integrated, bottle inline ionized + air rinse and vacuum, our bottle shorter best and high speed application suited for production like Cosmetic , Agro chemical , Pesticide, foods, beverage, dairy, water, juice, food, household products, personal care, pharmaceutical, motor oil , Edible and Lube oil , pharmaceutical, Nutraceuticals’ and vitamin industries. They easily handle all tablet and liquid containers: rounds, squares, rectangles, ovals and jars PE, PET, HDPE, LDPE, PP, PVC, Aluminium, surfaces soft-touch.

Round plate and many sections of bottle unscrambling belts, automatically feed the bottles if there are not enough empty bottles, automatic stop if the bottles are full.

  • Application : Can arrange the disordered empty plastic bottles into good order
  • Highest Speed : 150 / 300 bottles/min to.
  • Do not need to change the mold when changing different size of bottles.
  • Only need to adjust the space according to the marks
  • Automatic stop prolongs the lifetime of the machine

Bottle Unscrambler

Technical Specification of Bottle Unscramble Machine

Capacity About 150Bottles/min
Bottle size range Diameter 25-100mm
Bottle height 45 - 200 mm (min. body height: 45 mm)
Total power 1.5Kw
Power source 380/220V, 50/60 Hz, single phase with separate ground.
Current 2.5A
Machine dimensions L. 2665x W. 1341 x H. 1780 mm
Weight 800Kgs

Salient Feature of Bottle Unscrambler

  • SS304 stainless steel for bottle contact parts.

  • Maximum speed is 150 bottles per minute.

  • Stainless steel frame and transparent shield for operator safety and isolation from dust.

  • This machine is CRU Design.Without any tools, the change of varieties can be finished well.

  • Bottle orientating assembly is accurate, adjustable and user friendly.

  • Bottles are discharged upright and properly arranged onto existing conveyor.

  • PLC Controlled.

  • Variable speed motors.

  • touch screen panel provide easy access to all settings.

  • SelfSet™ function for automatic bottle setup.

  • Automatic Speed Synchronization Setup: Operator simply places a bottle on the disc sorter, proper speed settings for bottle orientating and disc sorter are automatically determined according to the bottle size.

  • Memory capacity for 10 job settings: Speeds of disc sorter, product separator and orientating belt, as well as bottle height, are saved for reuse. All speeds are automatically synchronized after SelfSet™ is accomplished.

  • Locking casters as standard feature.

  • Full cGMP and CE compliance.


  • Electrical Supply: Three Phase + Neutral + Earthing

  • Air Consumptions: 400 Ltrs. / Hr / Cycle / Pressure 2.5 Kg @

Linear bottle unscrambling machines designed to provide oriented bottle to the production line and suitable for large variety of bottle shapes and sizes. Shree Bhagwati is many different model as per bottle sizes and shape industry demand like Automatic HDPE Bottle Unscrambler perfect synchronization with the filling line, Oval bottle unscrambler machine, inline bottle unscrambler, pet round bottle unscrambler, plastic bottle unscrambler, bottle unscrambler video, automatic bottle unscrambler series bottle unscramblers operate with great simplicity, efficiency, and minimal maintenance.


Bottle Unscrambler Machine Scaled

Dairy bottle Bottle
Unscrambler machine

Bottled Water bottle Bottle
Unscrambler machine

Juice bottle Bottle
Unscrambler machine

Food bottle Bottle
Unscrambler machine

Detergents & Industrial Cleaners bottle
Bottle Unscrambler machine

Car Care bottle Bottle
Unscrambler machine

Soaps & Lotions bottle Bottle
Unscrambler machine

Hair Care bottle Bottle
Unscrambler machine

Motor Oil bottle Bottle
Unscrambler machine

Bottle Decorating bottle Bottle
Unscrambler machine

Pharmaceutical bottle Bottle
Unscrambler machine