Tablet Section

Cage Blender / Conta Blender


Shree Bhagwati Cage / Conta Blender has a flexibility of Batch Volume. The cage / conta blender machine process involves collecting the sized granules in a container, equipment with wheeling it to the blender and clamping system, lift and tumble for time in set number of rotation in control panel. during rotation granules can be mixed and lubricated in this cage / conta blender. Main advantage of this cage blender system is that it is totally dust free . as well advantage is adaptability of this conta belnder system to handle more than one size of containers with change over bin /cage. For example Conta blender designed for 2000 liters container can also be used to handle 1000 ltrs to 1600 ltrs of container , This adaptability makes it a very useful machine for any tablet or capsule plant manufacturing and formulation .

  • Interchangeable Product Container.

  • AC Frequency variable drive for product container.

  • PLC Controls with HMI touch screen, Flame proof motor and Push Button station.

  • AVAILABLE CAPACITIES : 25 kg to 2500 kg batch size.