Cartoning Machine, Planetary Mixer, Clean Room Equipment & HVAC Applications in Industries

The world-class manufacturing facilities having all the modern machinery makes Shree Bhagwati one of the leading manufacturer and exporter of numerous machines. Some of our supplied machinery include-

Cartoning Machine: Cartoning machines supplied by Shree Bhagwati are smooth with easy maintenance. These machines are offered for wide segments like Tube, Strip and Blister, Bottle / Pharma Oral Liquid, Soaps & Injectable Vials with WFI fully synchronize, etc. It also comes in a high-speed variant for products like ampoules, droppers, inhalers, film rolls, bearings, soaps, etc. The Semi-automatic Cartoning Machine is useful for soap Cartoning, tube Cartoning line, etc. and it includes a wide range of machines such as bottle Cartoning machine, Vial Cartoning machine, etc.

The machine has a built-in feature of product checking, carton pick–up, code embossing, carton erection by a knife blade, leaflet pick–up, product insert, carton closure, and carton discharge.

Semi Automatic Cartooning Machine

Planetary Mixer: A planetary mixer is used for the purpose of intensive mixing and hence finds several applications. The machine gets the name due to the agitation pattern of the mixing assembly, which is planetary in nature. This allows shifting of mass in a uniform method allowing for effective mixing of medium to a high viscous liquid. The components of the machine include a Bowl, Mixing element, Motor, and Operator box. It has a high mixing efficiency as the speed of blades can be controlled. The machine is fairly easy to handle, maintain, and clean making it user-friendly.

The planetary mixer with multiple accessories is used for various applications such as- bread dough, cakes, pizza, cookies, mixing cream, masses of the genoese, beat egg white portion, mayonnaise and soft cream, etc. The machine has the capability to handle all the challenging materials, producing an optimum homogeneous mixture. The different axis rotation of mixing stars makes the machine highly efficient.

Clean Room Equipment and Cleanroom HVAC – Turnkey Solution: Industries like pharmaceutical, research, microprocessor manufacturers have various intricate processes going around. For that, a sensitive environment is required which can be achieved with the help of turnkey cleanroom solutions. These solutions are specifically designed for industries to facilitate them in their complex and technical functions. It controls the level of contamination, humidity, temperature, and pressure. The cleanroom modular equipment includes HVAC Pharma clean room with Air handling units with Hepa filters, Pass boxes, Clean room doors, Laminar air flow cabinet, Laminar flow cabinet, Sampling booth, Dispensing booth, Air shower, Garment cubicles, Cleanroom Equipment, etc. The various solutions that we provide include- HVAC System & Projects, HVAC in Pharmaceutical Industry, Sterile Projects, and Vaccine & Biotech Cleanroom Projects.

The sterile projects are most suitable for laboratory, manufacturing and R&D applications. There are different machines available which are fully integrated with laminar flow and are compliant with cGMP standards, sterilize in Place (SIP) systems, etc. These systems are used for sterilization of pharmaceutical products. OSD projects are essential for industries to ensure that the facilities meet their regulatory requirements. Non Sterile projects include oral dose cleanroom project i.e. oral tablets and capsules, oral syrups, ointments, etc. They include the turnkey solutions for the production of generic products like tablet & capsules, ointments, syrups, ointment and creams, liquid oral syrups manufactured in the pharmaceutical industry.

The machinery supplied by Shree Bhagwati is one of a kind providing assurance of optimum quality. Our machines are used in numerous industries such as- Pharmaceuticals, Food, Packaging, etc. for various application.