Chemical Processing Equipments that Delivers Good ROI

A chemical reactor is an enclosed vessel where a chemical reaction takes place. It is recognized as a process vessel and among the classic unit of operation in any chemical process. The design of the chemical reactors is determined by many factors, but mainly the thermodynamics and the kinetics of the chemical reactions being undertaken.
In industry two main types of reactors are used and these are the batch reactors and the continuous reactors. The batch reactors are used in a process where products are produced through mixing different reactants under certain reactor conditions. In a continuous reactor, reactants are continuously fed into the reactor vessel and final product is continuously moving out.

Stainless Steel Chemical Reactor
The stainless steel chemical reactor from Bhagwatipharma company are mainly used in the pharmaceutical manufacturing as well as other chemical manufacturing processes such as in making of agricultural chemicals, fertilizers, petroleum products, salts, acids and many other chemicals. Some models of the reactors include;

Limpet Coil Reactor
The limpet coil reactor is used to control the temperatures of the reactants with the help of heating or cooling media circulated through coils that surround the main vessel.  The reactor is suited for medium heat transfer requirements and heating applications where the heating media temperatures are above 150 degrees. The coils are half pipes welded on the outer side of the main vessel.

Dimple Type Reactor
The dimple type or jacketed chemical reactor has a vessel surrounding the main vessel. Temperature during the reaction is controlled by circulating heating or cooling media through the jacket. The dimple type reactor from Bhagwatipharma is best for temperatures below 150 degrees centigrade and the commonly used heat transfer media is water, steam or even hot oil.

Plough Shear Mixer
This is special mixing equipment used in many chemical manufacturing industries. The plough shear mixer is also referred to as plow mixer, ploughshare mixer and consists of a cylindrical drum with plough shaped mixing elements mounted on a horizontal shaft. This system creates a mechanical fluidized bed mixing action. Mixing is achieved when the mixing tools hurl material away from the walls to the internal free space in crisscrossing pattern and plough creates a three dimensional motion. The equipment is designed with strong, durable and long lasting stainless steel, powerful drive mechanism to deliver short mixing time, homogenous mixing, no agglomeration and has easy to clean parts.

Bin Washing Machine
The IPC container bins washing machine is an innovative equipment used for cleaning of chemical manufacturing components, bin loaders, containers and cabins. The equipment is fully automated to deliver thorough cleaning, which is critical in the pharmaceutical industry. It is equipped with automated doors and turning devices where items for cleaning are received, the bin washing stations also have adjustable washing and rinsing cycles that vary depending on the level of cleaning required.

Rotocone Vacuum Dryers
This equipment is at the helm of pharmaceutical drying technology and integrates operation under vacuum to achieve complete drying effects. The rotocone vacuum dryer has been carefully designed to achieve uniform material shuffling through a heated contact surface of the cone. This roto cone vacuum dryer design delivers high efficiency and very effective in drying cakes and wet slurries in many manufacturing processes.