Choosing the Best Fit Tablet Press Machine for Industry

A tablet press machine plays an integral role in today’s world considering the fact that quite a number of drugs are ingested in tablet form. This makes the machine a “must-have” equipment in the industries, especially in pharmaceuticals. A tablet press machine is an electro-mechanical device that uses compressive force to convert powder into tablets of uniform sizes and thickness. To form a tablet, the granulated material must be forced into a cavity formed by two punches and a die. After that, the punches are pressed together with great force so that the material fuses together.

Types of Tablet Press Machines:

There are various tablet press machines available catering to different requirements. These machines operate on a different principle and have changing output rates as per the requirement. Various types of Tablet press machines have been mentioned below:

Tablet Press IV Machine:

The Tablet Press IV Machine is a Square designed, high-speed rotary tablet press machine manufactured in accordance with all the GMP standards. These machines provide high tablet output and thus is suitable for large batch production. The machine incorporates a helical gear ring to drive the turret. It also boasts of having a specially designed dust extractor which is to be connected with dust extractor away from the machine.

Rotary Tablet Press Machine:

Rotary Tablet Press Machine also possess a square designed structure consisting of an AC Variable drive & electromagnetic clutch. It provides a paint-free tablet manufacturing zone and has an operator-friendly material feeding system. The rotary tablet press machine also has reversible direction motion protection in order to prevent any major accident.

Mini Tablet Press Machine:

The Mini Press – Rotary Tablet Press, Mini Tablet Press is square designed, robust machine constructed as per the GMP Directives. The machine ensures trouble-free operation producing low-level noise and is very easy to clean. The ‘D’ & ‘B’ tooling specification, like 6 Ton Pressure, maximum tablet diameter 22 mm, etc. can be utilized for achieving better output in its range. This machine is also suitable for small batch productions.

Double Side Rotary Tablet Press Machine:

The Double Side Rotary Tablet Press Machine has a main feeder and force feeder motor driven through ACVF. The machine has a very high output rate, producing up to 199,800 tablets/hour and thus finds application in batch production of tablets. The machine operates at very high speed with Main Motor and Force Feeder churning 90 RPM & 120 RPM respectively.

Slugging & Bolus Tablet Press Machine:

For large batch production, Slugging & Bolus Tablet Press machine is preferred as it has a capacity of producing more than half a million tablets per hour. The machine comes with pre-compression & hydraulic power pack and auto lubrication. It is also suitable for PLC operations, as an optional ability, providing many customized functions and features.

Tablet Press & Compression Machine:

Another machine which is suitable for large batch production is Tablet Press & Compression Machine, manufactured in compliance with the cGMP standards. It has a force feeder attachment providing higher weight consistency of tablets. The machine has an internal helical gear ring & pinion drive which corroborates smooth running.

Tablet Press Machine for Confectionery, Veterinary:

Tablet compression tooling and tablet compression machines are integrated with rotary tablet press to produce Tableting machine and tablet press machine for Pharmaceuticals Tablet, Liquid Syrup Mfg. Plant, Ointment / Cream plant, Oral Solid Dosage – Capsule, Biotechnology, Cosmetics, Food, Salt, Dairy, etc. of superlative quality.

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