Common Challenges During Automatic Labeling and Solutions

With all the efficiency, workmanship and advanced labeling equipments being developed, there are still certain challenges that may occur during the life of the machine and due diligence must be exercised all times to handle these failures without much time lost due equipment malfunction.

In some cases the customer may experience poor print application which translates to material loss, production down time and other challenges.

Linear Tears During Application

Tearing of the labels may at times occur rendering it unusable. When this happens it is important to check the calibration of the machine to ensure it is done as per the manufacturer’s recommendations. Also the peel tip of the applicator may be damaged and needs to be repaired or replaced. You may also consider fastening the loose points with a UHMW (ultra-high molecular weight) tape that is more long lasting.

Labelling Machine in India

Label does not Stick to Product

Here,the tension on the applicator could be very low or the applicator has been poorly mounted .The die strikes may also be damaged. These should be checked by a qualified technician. The dispensing of the adhesive could also be another cause of this problem. Regular servicing is required which checks all parts are functioning as they should and loose points are always fastened.

It is also important to check that the adhesive is not too aggressive and fails to release from the liner during application. These are minor challenges that can be solved by the technician or changing the labels vendor.

Clear Labels Not being Detected

This happens when the equipment is unable to sense the presence of a gap between the labels.Here it is important to recalibrate the equipment again. You may get the printer to print a back timing mark on back of the liner. An ultrasonic sensor may also be needed which sends out sound waves to determine the gap between labels.

Die Failure Problems

This is a very common problem during label application.The equipment used to die cut the labels is a very precise machine. However, with time this may wear out leading to inaccurate sizes of the label. This will ultimately lead to problems during application. It is important to also contact the labels vendor to ensure that they are using well sharpened and calibrated tool for cutting the label to avoid problems with the labeling machine.

Dealing with Equipment Malfunction

Labeling equipment failures may occur after long usage time. It is also important for regular cleaning and dusting of the equipment is done during down time to remove dusts and particles that interfere with the running of the machine.

Automatic Machines

The most common machines will carry product along the label dispenserthen orient package to correct position for label application. The need for operator is reduced except to check correct positioning of label is done.

The equipment from Shree Bhagwati Machtech is produced to function with minimum human intervention after calibration has been done. They can also run for long periods without any misalignments occurring therefore efficiency is guaranteed with this equipment.

This article has been written by , the proprietor of Shree Bhagwati Machtech (India) Pvt Ltd.