Contact Manufacturing and Private Labelling @ Shree Bhagwati Mactech

Shree Bhagwati Mactech is one of the leading manufacturers and exporters of filling and packaging machinery across the globe and its headquarters based in Rakhial, Ahmedabad. It has ranked third amongst the trustworthy companies of India for its high-quality product and its service to customers. With 18-year-old expertise and state of the art technology and machines, Mr. Arjun Rao has dedicated his heart and soul to make this enterprise a grand success and inspiration. We provide complete solutions to all branded products in the following categories-

· Detergent Powders & Cakes

· Toilet Soaps

· All types of floor cleaners, Toilet cleaners, Detergent Liquids.

· Creams & Lotions

· Cosmetics

· Personal Care Products

Contract Manufacturing at Bhagwati Mactech-A lot of big scale, medium scale, and small scale enterprises associate with us to produce their products. Here is where our knowledge, in-hand experience, skilled manpower and expertise, and innovation benefit our associates. Businesses grow and flourish under our flagship and we design products according to the specifications given by you and in quantities you desire. This helps major time as it saves a lot of your expenditure on larger infrastructure, capital and sufficient manpower to complete the operation in an expedite and efficient way, giving a wonderful quality to the products you shall market. As a contract manufacturer, our key qualities are-

  • We are highly reputable across the globe for our quality and service standards
  • We are financially sound and technically most upgraded in our field
  • We offer a clean and well-managed facility (Our Infrastructure is available on our home page which will leave you delighted)
  • Easy and smooth shipping facilities
  • International Standards maintained
Contract Manufacturing at Bhagwati Mactech

We specialize in the contract manufacture of Cosmetics and Body Care products. We formulate Handmade, Natural, Botanical, Herbal Transparent Glycerine Soaps, Cold Processed organic soaps, Natural oil opaque Soap Bars, and Shower Gels in the bath and body range as the superlative quality range. Associating with us helps you get the benefits of the ‘third party cosmetic and body care products manufacturing’ business at surprisingly affordable prices. In the face range, we have face gels, face packs, and exfoliating cleansers. Our prime agenda is to manufacture products that provide immense care to the skin and hair for the end consumers and make the business a famed and profitable one for you. In the body moisturizing range, there are body buttercreams, moisturizing, winter, and vanishing creams and lotions. You can also avail of the best third party manufacturing franchise and contract manufacturing in the different range of hair care like shampoos, hair conditioners, hair serums, pomades, and hair oils. Among others, we have handwash gels, liquid handwash, lip balms, lip gloss, sunscreen, and the personal hygiene range like Foamless Shaving Gels, Hair Removing Cream. You could give us your formulations or count on us for delivering you the best.

Contract Manufacture of Cosmetics and Body Care Products

We also excel at Private Labelling for all products which you can deliver to your customers under your brand name. All the products are prepared under the excellence and umbrella of our Research and development team. We have a committed team of designers who implement world-class designs moulded as per the client’s requirement to make your product packaging look very attractive and keep the customers coming back for more. We let you communicate your vision and give you the most convenient and liked branding and packaging which will lure your target shoppers. We specialize in the private labelling of foam and liquid hand soaps, foam and gel hand sanitizers, specialty skincare products, and other personal care products.

Third Party Cosmetic and Body Care Products Manufacturing

Contract Manufacturing and the Private Labelling offered by Bhagwati Mactech(Original Equipment Manufacturer) helps you enter the market with a variety of products and which are very different and with your supply matching right with your demands. Also we support you with infrastructure, best manufacturing technology, branding and tax saving. The other range of detergents powder and cakes and all types of floor cleaners, toilet cleaners, detergent Liquids are also catered by us. All orders for Contract manufacturing are most welcome and we shall gladly manufacture, pack and ship them to any destination in India or abroad.