Tablet Counting and Filling Machine

Container Feeding Turn Table

Principals Of Operation Of The Container Feeding Turn Table:

In order to keep the machine in operation we need continuous feeding of Containers and here the Turntable is the medium of uninterrupted container feeding to the counting line, Addition container holding platform is proposed based on the space availability in the layout, to accumulate the buffer for feeding the container in order to avoid starvation, it is assumed that the containers are stable motion and recommended to have broader base and diameter vs. height ratio of the container are maintained for smooth flow.

Turntable is provided with the dear platform where the containers can be placed manually after deboxing the containers from the shipper box or Poly bags and fed onto the rotating table by manual pushing of the containers from dead plate to the rotating turntable, which in turn carry the container on to the in feed conveyor of the counting and filling machine / Air jet cleaner machine or the downstream machine, the containers are placed onto the platform or turntable with the open mouth side end on the top and individual container are carried by the rotating disc table where the sequence of container come one after the other in line with the help of Adjustable guide.

Due to the rotating operation of the table the container are always in motion and does not get jammed it serves as a buffer for feeding to the counting line and also prevent bottle low level at the in feed conveyor of the downstream machine and providing enough back pressure for the container to move in a stream line.

Shree Bhagwati make turn table is provided with diverter arm and variable frequency controller unit where the container are diverted to the extreme ends of the rotating table and aligned to follow the path in the direction of the container entry into the counting line machine conveyor. VFC ensures the speed of the rotating disc can be increased or decreased as per the required output of the container and the dimensions of the containers.

Special guides are Provided, which can be adjusted as per the size and shape of the container and in case of twin track turntable, multi track guides can also be provided which are connected to the twin track conveyors of the downstream machine.

Complete assembly is enclosed in the SS frame and covers and all contact parts are of SS 304 material since these are container and no direct contact with product is observed, rigid supports are Provided for the guide mounting brackets and smooth flow of containers are guaranteed.

Technical Specification

Diameter of Turn table Ø900 mm

Power source Single Phase, 230V AC supply, 50Hz
Current (I) 1.0Amp
Power consumption 0.5kW
Mains supply cable 1.5mm² x 3 core cable
Speed controls system Variable Frequency Controller Drive.
All contact Parts All contact Parts are of SS 304.
Container guides Easy adjustable container guides for different size of container,
Special Requirement Stable base container recommended with broader base with
proportionate Diameter Vs. Height ratio.
Type of container HDPE, PET and Glass bottle can be easily handled on the conveyor.
Validated size of containers Diameter Ø35 ~Ø80mm and Height 60 ~175mm, size/ shape beyond this range can be validated based on physical samples availability.

Slient Feature

  • Easy for containers loading manually and feeding on platform.

  • Different size turntable based on space availability can be offered as per specifications.

  • The turntable at the Exit will be connected to the downstream machine using a conveyor and bridge plate.

  • Variable speed drives system with inverter and ON / OFF controls from downstream machine HMI can be possible.

  • Designed to handle various types of round bottles as per specification and can be customised based on physical samples of container availability.

  • Automatic swing system used as diverter arm can be incorporated to avoid jamming of containers and align the container in sequential flow.

  • Special designed profiled guides to be designed especially for smooth flow of containers.

  • Elegant and good aesthetics maintained –GMP.

Note: For container beyond the range specified can be validated based on physical samples.