Containment Solutions for OSD

As the production of highly active substances continues to increase, it is becoming more important than ever to implement containment solutions. A panel discussion was held at the conference on trends and challenges in OSD production. It featured speakers Dr. Enrico Hanusa, Andreas Schreiner, Anke Geipel-Kern, Martin Kiimeier, and Dr. Martin Scholer. According to these speakers, containment solutions will soon become the standard, and become a necessary requirement for companies.

Occupational Exposure Limit (OEL)

Occupational exposure limits are limits set on the concentration of a substance in the air that is safe for workers to be exposed to for an extended period of time. The limits are intended to prevent occupational illnesses and diseases caused by harmful substances in the workplace. These limits are often measured in parts per million and are often given for metals, salts, and chemicals that do not produce vapours.

Occupational exposure limits are recommended by the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health and the Occupational Safety and Health Administration. These guidelines provide guidelines to help employers evaluate risk and manage exposure. Occupational exposure banding is one such solution. This method requires less data and time than developing an OEL.

Containment Isolato

OSD Flexible Containment Systems

In recent years, the production of highly potent drugs has increased, making containment an increasingly important factor for the production of OSD. Because of the hazardous nature of these materials, leakage can be deadly, making it imperative to invest in high-quality containment solutions. Tighter regulations and complex manufacturing processes also underscore the need for a top-quality solution.

A comprehensive risk analysis is essential in determining the best containment solution. Not only does containment protect workers, but it also protects the environment and ensures sterility of drug products. Several unit operations may not require full containment, but efficient containment solutions ensure the appropriate level of containment for each process step.

OSD Cleaning

As the use of highly potent drugs continues to increase in the pharmaceutical industry, the need for containment has increased. People working with these active ingredients cannot afford to risk exposure to escaping materials, which can result in lethal consequences. With tighter regulations and increasingly complex manufacturing processes, the importance of a high-quality containment solution is more evident than ever.

Containment Isolato

In multi-product oral solid dosage facilities, dust containment is a major challenge. In many cases, dust containment is best achieved by segregating process equipment. This approach requires separate production suites for each unit, which can be expensive and delay the redesign of a production suite. For this reason, alternative dust containment solutions are needed that protect the operator and product, and minimize the risk of cross-contamination.

OSD Equipment

Containment solutions for pharmaceutical processes are an important part of the process to ensure the quality of the finished product and the safety of the workers and the environment. With the development of new drugs, the need for containment solutions has increased. Modern containment systems replace open processing operations in clean rooms. Manufacturers of containment solutions are constantly refining and improving their systems to meet the demands of the pharmaceutical industry.

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