Containment Solutions for OSDs

There are a variety of containment solutions for high-potency oral drugs. These solutions can range from Isolators and High-shear mixers to Flexible containment. In addition, there are practical solutions for smaller scale containment. Some examples of these solutions include High-shear mixers with split butterfly valves.

Flexible Containment of Oral Solid Dosage

The need for flexible containment solutions in the production of oral solid dosage (OSD) products is increasing, especially as the number of highly active pharmaceutical ingredients used in OSD production has increased. These products are highly sensitive and leaking materials can have serious health implications. This is why it is important to use a high-quality containment solution.

These containment solutions can be designed to meet a wide variety of specifications, depending on the product toxicity and application. Whether you are producing a liquid or a solid drug, the flexibility of containment is vital to maintaining product quality, process stability, and avoiding the exposure of personnel. Flexible containment systems are widely used in the pharmaceutical, chemical, and food industries. They help businesses meet the stringent health and safety regulations for various products.

High-shear Mixers

High-shear mixers are available in a variety of configurations. Each type performs a specific mixture process with different degrees of efficiency. The appropriate configuration will depend on the particular application. For example, ultra-high shear mixers may be inappropriate for the pharmaceutical industry. Similarly, batch shear mixers may not be suitable for the paint industry.

High-shear mixers work by breaking apart solid and liquid droplets in a solution. Dispersed droplets, like oil and water, are not easily separated in a natural fashion. High-shear mixers help break down these droplets and reduce their size to a finer consistency.

Isolators for OSD

With the increased use of highly potent drugs in the manufacture of OSDs, the need for containment solutions has become increasingly important. Containment is critical to prevent leakage of highly active ingredients, which can result in lethal effects. Additionally, the increasing complexity of manufacturing processes and the tighter regulatory framework make it imperative for companies to implement high-quality containment solutions.

The latest containment technologies are being developed to address the needs of small molecule manufacturers. They incorporate single-use technology, eliminating the need for costly batch-to-batch cleaning. Single-use materials also eliminate the need for cleaning validation studies.

High-shear Mixers with Split Butterfly Valves

High-shear mixers are popular for creating various materials, including emulsions, suspensions, powders, granules, and slurries. They are also popular for the creation of sauces, dressings, pastes, and other fluid-based products. The mixing principle of high-shear mixers is based on the principle of shear stress, where the fluid undergoes high-velocity differentials and turbulent flow.

To design an effective containment system for an OSD production facility, it is important to understand the input and output capacities for the entire process. This will help determine the size of the system, the number of components, the toxicity of the products, and the attitude of operators. For more information, contact a company such as Freund-Vector, a leading provider of continuous manufacturing solutions.