Continuous Mixers – Cutting Edge Mixing with innovative technologies with Bhagwati Pharma

Certainty in Every Ounce

A continuous Mixer is a useful piece of equipment to blend different ingredients. The best benefit a continuous mixer provides is consistent weight, size, and texture of the finished product.  It provides automated self-monitoring and requires less labour and energy compared to batch mixing. They are popularly known as horizontal mixers, flow mixer machines, and plow and blade mixers. As per the application in different industries. The Ploughshare mixer is designed for heavy-duty blending of both wet and dry materials. It is used for mixing drying, reacting, moistening, coating granulation, and emulsification.

In continuous operation, these mixers are built for efficient and automated processing in wide industrial processes. Whether it is homogenizing, agglomerating, granulating, or humidifying the continuous mixers support perfect mixing and cost-effective homogenization. Its high torque and levitating impeller facilitate efficient mixing. The outcome is a competitive advantage to manufacturers in maximizing throughput and increasing production. Changeover becomes faster and reduces any kind of operator error. It is fast and has a low residue emptying. The technology that the horizontal mixers use allows for an all-around and continuous operation as much as 24/7 or 365 days a year. The finished mixture is also continuously discharged via suitably designed discharge elements.

Some Worth Mentioning Benefits are

  • The Continuous mixers are easy to install and ergonomically designed.
  • They provide high performance and rapid mixing.
  • These flow mixer machines have integrated intelligence process monitoring that helps in upstream and downstream processes.
  • The flexibility of use as it applies to a wide number of processes and industries.
  • The Tank is manufactured in carbon steel, wear-resistant steel, or 304L/316L stainless steel which gives it a robust and steady structure and of any kind of wear and tear.
  • Minimal maintenance is required and a much shorter time to mix materials of any viscosity. In addition, automated control of the mixing parameters is provided.
Continuous Mixers

Weighing The Benefits of The Continuous Mixer

The Continuous Mixer by Bhagwati Machinery comes with specifications of

Total volume: 0.3-30cbm
Capacity per hour: 5-200cbm
Motor power: 3kw-200kw
Material: 316L, 304

These are valuable in large-scale production and come with a dispersion of 20 gr. /t. It facilitates an excellent reproductively of batches and the horizontal mixers even induce mechanical turbulence or processes aggregate mixtures. All this just indicates the most stable of products with the right consistency. In industries like Pharmaceuticals, food, beverages,biotechnology, and other consumer products high mixing accuracy plays a big role. There is access to every last particle or drop and the agile design makes it possible to customize and accommodate the client’s needs, no matter what is being mixed. High-quality material goes into the making of the continuous mixer and they are corrosion free and do not have any harmful reactions with any substance. Using the mixers by the best manufacturers truly gives master perfection and the most advanced design and functionality that can make production easier, faster, economical, and with utmost precision.

Why choose the Continuous Mixer from the Best Manufacturers

The continuous mixers are designed with specifications and optimized for the best output. The superior performance is useful for many applications and guarantees total precision and standards that are compliant. Besides the Mixer’s durable and robust design ensures the most reliable production with minimal downtime and fast turnover time. Our experienced and technical staff from the best manufacturers of Continuous Mixers leverage the input and out in the most majestic manner. The intended area of application can just be your determiner to choose this perfect fit for your project.