Cosmetic & Personal Care Contract Manufacturing Company in India

It’s all about the manufacturing process? We worth it! Since years, Shree Bhagwati Machtech has served its manufacturing support for various processes! We herewith, share our in-depth experiences best serving the processes in distinctive fields!

Cosmetic contract manufacturing comprises of producing skin care, treatment cosmetics, hair care, body care and personal care products. Many contract manufacturers propose a wide variety of items like sunless tanning lotions, health products, beauty products body and bath products. The body and bath products include facial cleansers, shower gel and private label lotions. Most commonly used products such as whipped body creams, liquid soaps, aftershaves, toners, astringents; lotions can be manufactured on a contract basis.

The producing capacity of many cosmetics and personal care manufacturers involves small and large filling appliances to fulfill the different quantity needs of the consumer. Cosmetic and personal Care manufacturing company is generally based on the quality of the products produced by them. So, it is very important for these companies to ensure that the quality of the product is satisfactory and high class. These companies mainly produce cosmetic and personal care products for the health food stores, national brand companies, resorts and hotels, spa and mass marketers.

Antiseptics Alcohol Free Hand Sanitizer Plant
70% Alcohol Hand Sanitizer Plant
Spray Alcohol Based Hand Sanitizer

Shree Bhagwati Machtech offers machineries that are used in different cosmetic as well as pharmaceutical industries like washing machinery, liquid filling machinery, powder filling machines, capping machines, tablet press machine, tube filling machine and many more machineries

Ointment and cream manufacturing plants are produced from top quality stainless steel and are manufactured by following the guidelines of CGMP. CGMP stands for Current Good manufacturing Practise regulations executed by FDA. The vessels are fleeced, cladded, insulated and with acceptable soapbox orator in each vessel. Water is heated in water heating vessel and wax is melted in wax melting vessel. Wax and the water are then transferred into the manufacturing vessel through a vacuum. In manufacturing vessel water and wax are intermingled to make consistent acrylic and cooled by throwing chilled water in the jacket of the manufacturing vessel. Colours and ingredients are added after the formation of the emulsion. Then the perfumes are added and are mixed wherever necessary. Finally, the cream gets ready. The same prepared cream or ointment is shifted by bump pump or transfer pump into the storage vessel and then to filling machine by a metering pump.

Mentioned below are the details of some capabilities of Shree Bhagwati Machtech Pvt. Ltd. – A Cosmetic and Personal Care Contract Manufacturing Company in India

Personal Care Contract Manufacturing Machine
Ointment Manufacturing Plants
Manufacturer of Hand Sanitizer Machine

Wax Melting Vessel:

Wax melting vessels are generally cylindrical vessel dished bottom vessels or hemispherical vessels with loose top lids. Vessels are tightened with electric heating or steam as per customer’s requirements. Airscrew type agitator is provided right from the top and is operated by suitable Hp motor as per the capacity of the vessel. For closed type vessels, bottom entry agitator is provided. Water is heated in the vessel from 60—80°c as the process end and gets melted. Then the heated water is transferred into the production vessel. About 100 mesh conical filter is given for filtration of water in case of any impurities in it. The same application is applied for Water heating vessel but there is Water instead of Wax in this whole process.

Packing Conveyor Belt:

Packing Conveyor belts are mainly used to deal with the material from one point to another. It is also used for packing purpose of assembly line conveyor for and different industries such as pharmaceutical. Packing conveyor belts prepared by Shree Bhagwati Machtech are made of P.U/silicon, nylon, Teflon material and are durable, strong and are of high quality.

Shrink Wrapping and bottle Sleeve labeling: Shrink Wrapping and bottle sleeve labeling are used to give an identity to your brand for the common people. It is used in the bottles. Shrink sleeve labels work with any size of the bottle. It gives the product, a custom design depending on the choice of the customers.

Contra Mixer and phase vessel:

Contra mixer and phase vessel designed by Shree Bhagwati Machtech provide an outstanding response. It helps in mixing, homogenizing and dispersing in one operation. Homogenous product consistency here is without the trapped bubbles. There is fast product change over in the machine. This machine designed by the professionals of Shree Bhagwati Machtech is of high capacity with minimal space requirement with fully robotic function.