Fluid Bed Dryers, High Shear Mixers, Tablet Inspection Machine & Reactor Equipment

Bhagwati Pharma has made a name for itself when it comes to providing quality machines for industrial applications. The machines are designed and developed at our state of the art manufacturing facilities and it is made sure that each and every component of the machine follows the manufacturing standards. These machines, hence exhibit excellent workability and show the competency for long hour operations.

We, at Bhagwati Pharma offer machines for different segments, such as washing machinery, powder filling machinery, labeling machinery, turn table section, tablet section, tube filling section, liquid filling machinery, capping machines, inspection machines, blister packing machinery, tablet press section, and many more.
Some of the machines explained in detail are:

fluid bed dryer

· Fluid Bed Dryers: A fluid bed dryer is a machine that is used for the application of drying/mixing of powders and agglomeration. It ensures a high rate of moisture removal that eventually results in high heat and mass transfer rates. The machine performs single stage operation and is mostly employed for converting solutions and slurries into dry powders with no need for intermediate handling. Fluid bed dryers perform high-speed processes at controlled temperatures that ensure high efficiency of the entire operation.

· Shear Mixers: Plough shear mixer is a type of shear mixer that is used for various applications like mixing, grinding, dispersion, etc. It consists of a cylindrical shell that is fitted with a series of ploughs, rotating on the central shaft. This rotating movement of shaft imparts the ploughing motion.

Planetary Mixer for Mixing of Contents

A high shear mixer, on the other hand, is used for dispersing or transporting one phase or ingredient like liquid, solid, gas. It is used to create emulsions, suspensions, lysols, and granular products. The high shear mixer is used in numerous industries, namely adhesives, chemical, cosmetic, food, pharmaceutical, etc. The planetary mixer differs from these above mentioned shear mixers as it consists of mixing stars that rotate on different axes. It ensures a minimal amount of wastage and allows for optimum homogenization of mixing materials.

· Tablet Inspection Machine: The tablet inspection machine plays a very important role in the pharmaceutical industries as it makes sure that the integrity of the product is kept intact. It consists of a hopper in which tablets or capsules are fed from where it gets placed onto the conveyor through the vibrator. The tablet inspection machine checks for faults in both the sides of the tablet in order to make sure that the tablets are manufactured as per the medical requirements.

· Reactor Equipments: Bhagwati Pharma offers several reactor equipments like reaction kettle, stainless steel reactor, and mild steel reactor. The reaction kettle is one of the apt reactor equipments and is more resistant to thermal shock than regular glass. A stainless steel reactor, or batch reactor, is preferred for a variety of process operations such as solids dissolution, product mixing, chemical reaction, batch distillation, crystallization, etc. It consists of a tank that is equipped with an agitator, and an internal heating/cooling system as per the application.

A mild steel reactor is highly acknowledged in the industry owing to the fact that it has a sturdy construction for steady performance. The machine boasts of a fine finish and performs leak proof & easy operation. It is armored with all the modern technology equipments and provides assurance of longer service life.