Tablet Counting and Filling Machine

Exit Turn Table

Turntable is the medium of uninterrupted container collection from the counting line, when the counting line is in operation we need continuous collection of container and for the same we need to accumulate the buffer for collection the container in order to avoid starvation, it is assumed that the containers are stable motion.

Turn Table is provided with the platform where the containers can be collected .

Complete assembly is enclosed in the SS frame and covers and all contact parts are of SS 304 material, rigid supports are Provided for the guide mounting brackets and smooth flow of containers are guaranteed.

Technical Specification

Diameter of Turn table 900 mm 900 mm
Power source 230V, Single Phase & 50Hz
Current (I) 1.0Amp
Power consumption 0.5kW
Speed controls system Variable Frequency Controller Drive.
All contact Parts All contact Parts are of SS 304.

Salient Features

  • Easy for containers collection manually

  • Variable speed drives system with inverter.

  • Designed to handle various types of round bottles.

  • Special designed profiled guides to be designed especially for smooth flow of containers.

  • Elegant & good aesthetic- GMP Design.

Disc type tablet counting line and finally bottle cartooning machine

Bottle Cartooning machine