Features of a Jar Filling Machine

Jar filling machines are designed to fill various types of jars and containers. Some of them feature auger filling system. Here, you can read about the various features of a jam filling machine, including the size and capacity. These machines can also handle pasty and thin products, making them the perfect choice for products like cosmetic creams, heavy sauces, shampoos, conditioners, car waxes, and more.

Capacity of a Jar Filling Machine

A jam filling machine is a machine used to fill jars with jam, a viscous liquid. It has a conveyor chain and fills containers as they pass under the filling heads. It uses a rotary volumetric type filler that provides high accuracy when filling containers.

It is available in different capacities and features to meet different filling requirements. Some of them can fill thick or thin products, and others can handle semi-liquid or pasty products. This makes them the ideal choice for many different applications. Some jam filling machines can also fill car waxes, shampoos, and conditioners.

Size of a Jar Filling Machine

There are different sizes of jar filling machines that can be found in the market. The automatic ones can be used for different types of products, such as food and drinks. The jar filling machines can also be used for the personal care and home care industries. The machines are designed to achieve a smooth flow of product. They also have features such as residual correction and no-container no-fill. In addition, they can also be used in pharmaceutical and nutraceutical industries.

A jar filling machine should have a nozzle size that is appropriate for the container being filled. Its capacity should be able to fill at least 40-60 containers per minute. In addition, it should be easy to clean and maintain.

Maintenance of a Jar Filling Machine

One of the most important aspects of the maintenance of a jar filling machine is its cleanliness. In addition to regular cleaning, the machine also needs to be oiled. The lifting mechanism, bearing shaft, and adjustment module should be oiled regularly. While most parts of a filling machine are durable and require only regular replacement, some parts can break down over time, especially the electronic parts. If you want to keep your filling machine in tip-top shape, you can call in a professional engineering team to provide maintenance on-site.

Another factor that affects the life span of your liquid filling machine is the environment. Too much humidity or dust may shorten the life of the machine. A strong alkalinity level could also reduce the machine’s lifespan.

Cost of a Jar Filling Machine

The food and beverage industry plays a pivotal role in the food value chain. Bottled products are convenient to buy and consume, and they’re also easily available. The governments of many developed countries have been placing a greater emphasis on developing local players in the food value chain. This is expected to further fuel the global market for filling machines. In addition to filling jars, these machines can also be used to fill various liquids, including syrups, detergents, and other products.