Features & Specifications of Linear Vial Washing Machine

This article is dedicated to Linear Vial Washing Machine, a powerful and efficient cleaning machine. This machine has a range of features. You can read about the construction and features of this machine to make an informed decision. The features can be adjusted as per your domestic power requirements. Its unique design helps you wash multiple bottles at once. You can even set the water temperature according to the specific needs of your business.

Linear Vial Washing Machine

Linear Vial Washing Machine is an excellent option for cleaning vials. It features a compact design, smooth operation, and a highly efficient cleaning process. This machine features an automatic infeed and exit of bottles. It is perfect for the pharmaceutical, food, and beverage industries. Its automatic loading arrangement can save time and manpower. Its certification and compliant nozzles make it a great choice for bottle cleaning.

Automatic High Speed Rotary Vial Washing Machine

Features of Linear Vial Washing Machine

A linear vial washing machine has multiple advantages for different bottle sizes. The machine is equipped with high-pressure spray nozzles and is suitable for different round vial sizes. It has multiple washing zones and is equipped with a water recycling system as per the requirements of customers. The linear vial washing machine can be operated continuously for several hours without causing any damage to vials. It also has various safety devices and a safety clutch system for bottles that get jammed at the infeed area.

Construction of Linear Vial Washing Machine

A linear vial washing machine is a high-quality industrial washing machine designed for the perfect cleaning of bottles. The washing zone is equipped with high-pressure spray nozzles to ensure a perfect wash. All parts coming into contact with the washing zone are made of corrosion-free SS 316 materials. This machine also comes with a water recycling arrangement as per the requirements of the customer. Its main features are:

Price of Linear Vial Washing Machine

A Linear Vial Washing Machine is used in many industries for cleaning vials. Most of these machines are designed to clean both the inside and outside of bottles. These machines are suitable for a wide variety of products, including pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, food, and beverages. Many models feature an automatic loading, feeding, and unloading mechanism, which means that the bottles can be loaded and unloaded without any human intervention. Then, the vials are automatically emptied on the turntable, and the process begins afresh.

The Bottom Line

The different features and specifications of the Linear Vial Washing Machine can be set according to the customer’s domestic power requirements. Automatic infeed and exit of vials are automatic. This machine has no manual labour requirement. Its automatic infeed and exit system make the whole vial-washing process easy and convenient. It is equipped with an integrated auto-shutoff feature.