Filling Machines for Oil Filling, Tube Filling & Powder Filling

Pharmaceutical processing & packaging machineries are the important instruments for bulk production of medicines and health care products, which are quite essential for any country to fulfill the local as well international requirements of pharmacy productions. Filling machines, labelling machines, capping machines are the widely used machines for high production with more efficient advanced features to produce most hygienic products.

There are various types of filling machines are manufactured as per the industry market needs by the Pharma machinery manufacturing companies. Liquid filling machines, powder filling machines, bottle filling machines, tube filling machines, ampoule filling machines, vial filling machines, oil filling machines etc.  Here it is provided the information on few of the filling machines-

Oil Filling Machine

Oil Filling machines are the volumetric machines for lube, engine oil, edible cooking oil to fill in the container.  The oil filling machine from Shree Bhagwati Machtach is available for various filling capacity like from 500ml to 5000ml with varying filling speed of 35 bottles/min @ 1 liter per bottle or 12-18 bottles/min @ 5 liters per bottle. These are the tentative filling features that may vary depends on the machines and models from manufacturing companies. The oil filling accuracy is as high of +/-0.25% of the filled volume. The oil filling machines are the safe and automatic with auto sensors that ensures “no bottle no filling” mechanism.

Tube Filling Machine

Automatic tube filling machine from Bhagwati Machtech is available for filling various tube materials like tube filling machine for cream, tube filling machine for toothpaste, filling machine for ointment etc. Tube filling machine handles the filling in various diameter tubes ranging from 10mm to 40mm and length range can vary from 40mm to 200mm. Tube filling machine handles the various features like auto cap tightening, no tube no filling mechanism with automatic tube infeed.

Powder Filling Machine

Powder filling machine is used to fill dry solid or granular materials in bottles, ampoules and vials. Various machines with features to fill required materials as per the custom requirements like 12 head or 16 head rotary dry syrup powder filling machine fills powder from 30gms to 65gms. The other types of filling machines for powders are dry syrup powder filling with capping machine, Powder filling and ROPP capping machine, Powder filling with four head/six head/ eight head/twelve head with cap sealing features. For further details on all types of filling and capping machines, visit –


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