Filling Machines for Ointment, Lip Balm, Viscous Liquid, Tube Filler

Ointment Filling Machine

A variety of ointment filling machines are available for various products. Ointments and creams come in tubes and can be filled in many different forms. Ointment filling and sealing machines can be used to fill different types of viscous products, including toothpaste and food. Many of these machines also have a touch screen control panel that allows the user to fill and seal products with ease. The following are some of the features of these machines.

The Automatic Cosmetic cream filling machine uses a rotary valve and a hopper to load containers for filling. The rotary valve features a positive shutoff nozzle and a stroke limitation fill volume adjustment. Its construction is made from stainless steel and is fully automatic. Its control system is electric or pneumatic. Once the ointment is filled and sealed, it is automatically moved to the next station for coding.

The Ointment Filling Machine has the advantages of saving labour costs and ensuring consistency and reliability. It can fill different types of tubes and can also reduce the production costs. It also features safety protection and overload protection. Its cam indexing system allows it to position ten working stations accurately. It also uses ultrasonic sealing technology to create a neat seal. Its reject rate is less than 1%. Its versatility is unmatched in the industry.

Semi tube filling sealing machine

Lip Balm Filling Machine

When it comes to manufacturing lip products, a Lip Balm Filling Machine is an essential equipment for the beauty industry. Usually used for lip balm and lipstick, this machine also serves for eyeliner and eyebrow pencils. Its dual-action mixing mechanism keeps the ingredients in a liquid state for easy application. Its easy-to-operate features make it a great choice for lip balm production.

These machines come in many different configurations and capacities. Some are highly automated, capable of producing 400-600 products an hour. Some feature air jet cleaning and automatic tub/dibbi feeders. These machines are also equipped with capping systems. You can purchase them in bulk to cut down on the cost. However, if you need a machine for a large scale production, it would be wise to purchase a machine with higher processing capacity.

Types of Viscous Filling Machines

A Viscous Filling Machine can be used to fill various types of liquid products into bottles and other packaging. Its output varies depending on the viscosity of the liquid and the volume of the product. These machines are used for both hot and cold liquid products. They can be purchased from different manufacturers. To purchase a viscous filling machine, it is important to know about the product’s specifications. If you are unsure about what viscous liquid filling machine you need, you can contact a specialist in this field.

There are two main types of viscous filling machines. The gravity-fed fillers are the cheapest and work best for low-viscous liquids. They have a lower pressure than piston fillers and pump product from one part of the machine to another. Pump fillers are designed for thicker products. They have adjustable guide rails to fit different-sized bottles and cans. In addition, the machine comes with optical/proximity sensors that detect the presence of the bottles/cans at the filling station.

The Servo Piston Filler is a versatile piston filling machine. It can handle various types of viscous and chunky liquids. The 3-way valve mechanism in this machine makes it easy to disassemble and clean. The operator places the empty container underneath the filling nozzle and adjusts the volume to the desired level. The machine then discharges the filled product into the container. Its accuracy is up to 0.5 percent.

Features of a Tube Filling Machine

If you are looking to produce various types of cosmetic products, such as salves, eye drops, and perfumes, a Tube Filling Machine will be perfect for you. These machines can fill both plastic tubes with laminated plastic coating. These machines are equipped with features such as automatic loading, tube orienting, and coding. Additionally, the process of loading and sealing plastic tubes is also automated. The hot air sealing process is another feature of these machines.

There are various features that will help you choose the right machine for your specific requirements. One of them is a control unit that contains all of the machine’s settings. The nozzles are also adjustable, which will help you get the exact flow of liquid into your containers or tubes. The control unit will feature a touch screen interface that lets you choose what operation you need. Some machines also come with multiple coding jaws. If you have a lot of products that require filling, you can purchase one that has adjustable jaws.

Semi-automatic machines are less expensive than automatic machines. These machines have a manual or automatic control panel. However, they don’t feature a shut-off nozzle, automatic level control, integrated lubrication system, or other safety features. Semi-automatic machines are best for high-volume production environments. They can supplement fully-automatic machines for higher capacity filling. In addition to this, they can be used as back-ups in case of a malfunction.