Viscous Liquid Filling Machine

FLOWMATIC PLC Base Auto Volume Adjustable Lube Oil Filling Machine for 500ml – 5 Ltr.

Flowmatic PLC Base Auto Volume Adjustable Lube Oil Filling Machine

Engine Oil Filler, Lubricant/Lube Oil Filling Machine for 500ml – 5 Ltr.
(All Components Contacts Parts are of Stainless Steel With Cabinet)

Dispensing volume with this Automatic Inline Positive Displacement Pump Filler is accurately measured by reading the revolutions of the pump and motor assembly. Fill rates can be modulated by varying the motor speeds with ramp up and ramp down capability guaranteed to result in a clean end to your fill cycle ,Our fillers range from 2 – 24 head Positive Displacement fillers, as well as multi-lane machines with pumped capacity. These Positive Displacement fillers employ highly reliable positive displacement pumps to quickly and accurately fill any product. The pumps are controlled via the HMI screen which is available as either push button or touch screen, utilizing our highly effective “Recipe” system which can be programmed to store numerous sets of settings for the various products, and packaging sizes.

Shree Bhagwati group has Installed many different filling line machineries including oil filling machine at worldwide including Bottle / Jar Engine Oil Filling Machine, Lubricant Engine Oil Filling Machine, Engine Oil Liquid Filling Machine, Vegetable Oil Filling Machine, edible oil filling machine, cooking oil filling machine, fillers and cappers into PET, HDPE, Metal and Glass containers, vegetable oil packaging lines for virgin oils, refined oil, palm oil, colza oil, semi refined sunflower oil filling machine, semi-refined sesame oil filling machine, automatic mustard oil filling machine, Rotary Bottle Filling Machine, edible oil packaging, vegetable oil packaging, vegetable oil filler etc.

The filling nozzles are fitted with a pneumatically operated positive shut off valve to prevent any dripping from within the nozzles.

Salient Features

  • Accuracy – Easy to use and easy to adjust the volume dispensed with a simple control setting

  • Control of both pump speed and position during the fill cycle guarantees accurate filling

  • Changeover is quick with ability to store multiple programs in the PLC controller

  • All machine adjustments are designed for fast changes

  • Customization – Construction materials, contact parts, pump style, number of fill heads, and other options allow simple customization to your filling needs

  • True positive displacement filling provides increased filling accuracy with products prone to viscosity change

  • Variable fill rate control (ramp up/down) prevents foam and produces a clean accurate end to the fill cycle

  • Diving nozzle

  • Positive shut off valve x 2, 4, 6 to 24 nozzle etc.

Filling Speed

  • 2 HEAD - 10-12 Fills Per Minute @ 1Ltr

  • 4 HEAD  - 20-24 Fills Per Minute @ 1Ltr

  • 6 HEAD – 30-36 Fills Per Minute @ 1Ltr

  • 8 HEAD  - 40-48 Fills Per Minute @ 1Ltr

Engine Oil Filler – Lube/Lubricant Oil Filling Machine Videos