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Fluid Bed Processor, Fluid Bed Dryer

ACG fluid bed processor

Fluid Bed Processor, Fluid Bed Dryer

Shree Bhagwati has adopted new concept of GMP Regulation and fluid bed technology for the production of Fluid Bed Dryer, ACG Fluid Bed Processor which yields improved performance. The drying time in the machine is much less than the conventional model. There is minimum involvement of manual labor simplified maintenance and utilize modular construction techniques to provide flexible installation options.
The Fluid Bed Processor is a two piece unit which is manufactured from SS-304 / 316 stainless steel. The process of mixing of Dry powders, Agglomeration and Drying is carried out in one unit Fluid Bed Dryer.
Fluid bed dryer finds extensive usage in pharmaceutical industries in order to reduce the moisture content of pharmaceutical granules and powder. It is also known as fluidized bed dryer. The machine has excellent gas particle constant which enables it to produce a high rate of moisture removal that results in high mass and heat transfer rates.

Fluid Bed Dryer Manufacturer

Technical Specification of Fluid Bed Dryer

Description BF-30 BF-60 BF-120 BF-200 BF-250
Capacity Of Dryer In Kgs At 0.6 Kg / Lt Bulk Density 30-50 50-70 120-150 200-220 250-270
Working Capacity Of Product Container In Liters 50 100 200 335 420
Total Volume Of Product Container In Ltrs 100 200 400 580 760
Blower Motor h.p. 5 H.P. 10 H.P. 15 H.P. 20 H.P. 20 H.P
Heater Load 18 K.W. 36 K.W. 60 K.W. ------ -------
Steam Consumption 25 KGS 55 KGS 110 KGS 180 KGS 240 KGS
Heating Capacity In Kcl / Hr 11610 23220 38700 77400 96750
Space Requirements Approx. ------ ------ ------ ------ ------
Length 1550 1550 2480 2500 2700
Width 900 1200 1400 2150 1900
Height With Motor 2150 2650 2950 3400 3500

Fluid Bed Dryer and Rapid Mixer Granulation

Fluid Bed Dryer and Rapid Mixer Granulation

ACG Fluid Bed Processor , Fluid Bed Coater

ACG Fluid Bed Processor , Fluid Bed Coater

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