An Overview of Hand Sanitizer Manufacturing Plant

Hand hygiene is one of the most important measured to prevent the spread of infectious diseases. It is an integral procedure in the healthcare environment. Similarly, it is very important for the community as well. As per an estimate, simple hand washing can save about one million lives per year. As a result of rising awareness about hand hygiene and its benefits, there has been a constant increase in demand of hand sanitizers. To meet the high demands of the hand sanitizers, a wide range of high-tech hand sanitizer manufacturing mixer & liquid filing machines are available.

hand sanitizer manufacturing plant

Hand Sanitizer Manufacturing Machine Components

Generally, the hand sanitizer production line has hand sanitizer mixer, mixing preparation pot, working platform, control panels and essential pipes, valves and filters. We, Shree Bhagwati Machtech, manufacture high tech hand sanitizer manufacturing plant with main pot mixer and we install hand sanitizer production line in accordance with the industry standards.

hand sanitizer manufacturing machine

Out of all components, the hand sanitizer pot is the most important device in the hand sanitizers production lines. It consists inner containers, outer insulation layers, steams & cooling water, temperature measuring devices, upper sapped adjustable mixing device and material feeding & discharging device. The inner container and aquifer are made of high-quality stainless steel.

Hand Sanitizer Liquid Mixing Machine Applications

Shree Bhagwati Vacuum Processing Units for the pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, personal care, chemicals and food industry are known for their unmatched quality. The finest quality cosmetic mixers, agitators manufactured by us deliver excellent performance and you do not need to worry about cross contamination. If you have requirements of fully sealed sanitary tank or mixer, we also offer seals and polishes from grounded welds to mirror finishes.

Types of Sanitizers

Hand Sanitizer is extremely effective in killing bacteria, fungi and viruses. Hand sanitizers are popularly known as hand antiseptic, hand rub, or antiseptic hand gel. There are various type of sanitizers such as Alcohol based sanitizers (Isopropyl/Ethanol), Ammonia based sanitizers (Benzethonium/Benzalkonium Chloride), Silver/Iodine based sanitizers, Chlorine based sanitizers (Chlorhexidine/Cetrimonium), Triclosan based sanitizers, Essential Oil based sanitizers (Cinnamon, Clove, Thymol).

SANITISER GEL FILLER – As a result of constantly increasing demand, we have increased the production of our hand sanitiser filling machine. We are expecting the next batch of hand sanitiser filling machines to be completed by fist week / second of April.

SANITISER LIQUID FILLING MACHINE – We have Volumatric filling machines / Flowmatic filling machines still available in stock. Twin , four , Six & Eight head Nozzle filling line for bottles up to 1000ml.

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