How to Select a Filling Machine?

Once the products are manufactured they need to be filled into the containers and packed for transit and selling needs. This filling process is achieved rapidly and efficiently in the industries with the help of specialized filling machines. These filling machines can efficiently fill out the required amount of products in the right quantities into the container to be filled. They can be classified into different forms depending on the container in which the machine has to fill the product and also the type of product to be filled. Depending on the type of container to be filled, the filling machines can be classified as ampoule filling machine, vial filling machine, tube filling machine, bottle filling machine etc. There are machines that are used for filling powders, liquid filling machine, viscous products fillers including oil filling machine, cream filling and ointment filling machines and many more. Therefore with such a variant range available for filling machines, selecting a filling machine would not be an easy task at all.

 Bottle Liquid Filling Machine

One needs to consider several factors before buying a filling machine. One should always buy a filling machine depending on their specific filling requirements. For example if one has requirement of filling liquids into bottles, they can opt for a bottle liquid filling machine in the required specifications or configuration in order to get the desired performance from the machine. Secondly one should always select an advanced machine equipped with latest specifications. Going for fully automatic models would be the best option of all if you require a fast process machine to carry out bulk processes within short time. Moreover these automatic filling machines can reduce the work load off the shoulders of the user as most of the tasks that need to carried out manually in other machines will be carried out by the machine itself without requiring any special labor force required for those tasks. By installing automatic liquid filling machine in industries one can greatly cut down on labor costs while enhancing the efficiency and decreasing the time taken for the process to complete.

 Flowmetric Filling Machine

Today most of filling machines come in versatile functionalities. For example besides filling, these machines also perform various other tasks like washing of the container to be filled, sealing etc. Opting for such versatile machineries though a bit costly would help to reduce your overall machinery costs as this single machine will perform the tasks of other machines too and will therefore eliminate the requirement to employ other forms of machinery for other tasks.


So filling machines are important forms of machineries in every manufacturing industry and therefore need to be carefully selected depending on the above factors.

This article educates the reader about types of filling machines and how can sone select a filling machine depending on the requirements.

This article has been written by Arjun Rao, the proprietor of Shree Bhagwati Machtech (India) Pvt Ltd.