Importance of Liquid Filling Machine, Shrink Sleeve Applicator Machine and Tablet Machine in Pharma Industries

With rapidly advancing technology and scientific developments, more and more machinery inventions are now taking place in the pharmaceutical sector thereby enabling faster, easier and better processes with lesser efforts through automation. Different kinds of machines are available today for efficient pharmaceutical processes. But let us discuss the importance of the filling machine, shrink sleeve label applicator and tablet sections used in pharmacy.

Filling Machine

A filling machine is very important equipment must for every pharmaceutical industry. A pharmaceutical filling machine ensures efficient filling of essential medicinal value liquids and powders into the bottles, vials or different containers without spillage. The pharmaceutical fillers available today are usually highly automated machineries which enable speed liquid filling tasks with reduced efforts. With invention of advanced fillers, the operating costs of pharmaceutical industries have been greatly reduced, quality of processing is increased and even time for processes is greatly saved thereby enabling better production rates and higher profits. There are two most important kinds of filling machines – powder filler machine and liquid filling machine.


Pharmaceutical companies make use of liquid filling machine to fill lotions, creams, syrups, liquid chemicals and various other pharmaceutical liquids into bottles, vials and containers. It is not necessary that a liquid filling machine does only liquid filling tasks. There are various kinds of liquid fillers available in different specifications to meet custom filling requirements of diverse pharmaceutical companies. These are usually multitasking machines which along with liquid filling also perform the tasks like capping, washing or rubber stoppering.

Shrink Sleeve Applicator Machine

Shrink sleeve labeling is a technique where the sleeves or labels are shrinked to the container using delicate heat process which allows the label to stick up outlining the body of the container. This is an best way of labelling products for high appeal. For performing shrink sleeve labeling, shrink sleeve label applicator machine is required which can efficiently and quickly carry out the process. A shrink sleeve applicator machine for pharmaceutical industry comes in different forms like semi automatic shrink sleeve labeler, fully automatic labeling machines, shrink sleeve applicator machine for bottle labelling, shrink sleeve labeler for jars  and various other forms that are now-a-days available in customized specifications too.

Tablet Machine

A pharmaceutical tablet machine is a device which can be used in tableting process in pharmaceutical industry. There are different kinds of tableting machines used in pharma. There is tablet press machine which is used to compress powders into tablets of uniform size and shape. There are machine like fluid bed drying machine, tray dryer, vibro sifter and much more that are used for processing of tablet powders before they are compressed into tablets. All these machines play a very important role in manufacturing of tablets with greater accuracy and efficiency.

This article has been written by Arjun Rao, the proprietor of Shree Bhagwati Machtech (India) Pvt Ltd./