Importance of Manufacturing Hand Sanitizer and Cleaning Products

Hand hygiene is one of the most effective steps aimed at preventing the spread of infectious diseases. Also, in the healthcare system, it is an integral practice. The rising awareness about hand hygiene and its benefit has increased the demand for handsanitizers. To meet the high demands of hand sanitizer, a wide range of high-tech hand sanitizers are being manufactured. But the question arises can a hand sanitizer serve as a suitable alternative to hand washing? Or will it decrease the chance of getting sick?

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However, there are times when there is no soap or water available to wash thoroughly. So, the sanitizer was developed for use after washing hands. They are also known as hand antiseptic, hand rub, or antiseptic hand gel.  They are in a gel form that contains alcohol to kill germs present in the skin. It works immediately and effectively to kill bacteria and viruses. Various type of sanitizers such as alcohol- based sanitizer, chlorine-based sanitizer, ammonia-based sanitizer, silver and iodine-based sanitizer, triclosan based sanitizers, and essential oil-based sanitizer are available.

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Importance of manufacturing hand sanitizer

Covid 19 has amplified the importance of hand hygiene, therefore, hand sanitizer is considered as one of the key elements in the prevention of the spread of viruses. It comes in a liquid, gel, or foam used to disinfect bacteria and viruses where complete hand washing is impossible. Let’s see why it is necessary to manufacture hand sanitizer.

  • It is convenient, portable, and easy to use, and not time-consuming.
  • It quickly kills microorganisms on the hands and reduces bacterial counts on hand.
  • Hand sanitizer is less irritating to the skin than soap and even improves the condition of the skin. Only those sanitizers that do not contain alcohol are better for the skin.
  • It does not promote antimicrobial resistance.
  • The risk of spreading gastrointestinal and respiratory diseases has decreased for those who use hand sanitizer.
  • The practice of cleaning the hands and the use of sanitizer in the classroom can reduce student absenteeism.
  • Alcohol-based sanitizers can reduce about 97% of the bacteria on your hands.
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Apart from hand sanitizing, various cleaning products help keep our surroundings clean to protect us from bacteria and allergen. These cleaning products play an essential role in our daily lives at home, school, and office. They prevent the spread of infectious disease and effectively control allergens, dust, and mold also removes germs and contaminants.

The chemicals used in the cleaning products such as floor cleaner, dish cleaner, home hygiene kit, herbal hand wash contains antibacterial cleaners. That removes soil and dirt, cleans the germs causing illness, and makes the home environment and offices more hygienic.

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These household chemical cleaning products are modified today to eco-friendly cleaning products, green cleaning products, non-toxic cleaning products, and natural cleaning products. It does not contain highly damaging chemicals. These products are safer for children and pets if they come in contact with it. They do not harm the natural environment too.


The habit of using hand sanitizer helps keep us protected from germs and illness. The pocket-friendly hand sanitizers are easy to carry and convenient to use. Whether you are in a public place or the hospital or using someone else computer within no time you can rub the sanitizer on your hands. It is skin–friendly too. Even the cleaning products are safe and effective in killing the germs and contaminates. They prevent the spread of infectious disease and control allergy as well as remove dust and molds. It keeps the home and office environment clean and hygienic.