Importance of Tablet & Capsule Inspection Machines

Several machines are used to manufacturing tablets. This also includes a machine for purpose of quality check. A tablet inspection machine or capsule inspection machine is useful for the final inspection of tablets or capsules which is necessary prior to packaging them. This machine is useful for purpose of visual inspection of many types of tablets like coated, uncoated, many different sizes. This is performed at very high speed but it is very efficient thus, does not delay the overall process.

Each process is very important and contributes to the effort of placing a product in the market and making it available to the average consumer. This includes processes like filling, counting, capping, packaging and inspecting.

Hygiene is important when it comes to the pharmaceutical industry and is necessary to maintain at every stage. Thus this makes the process of inspection prior to release of a product very important. This machine has an ability to sort the capsules correctly and ensure only the high-quality ones make it to the consumers. Besides which, it is also essential to ensure integrity of the product during all other process as well.

Main features

A tablet & capsule inspection machine is mainly useful to the pharmaceutical industry. In addition to that, it is also useful for several other applications like for dietary supplement and nutraceutical industry. It is effective as a capsule sorting machine that helps remove all defective capsules. This type of machine usually does not consume a lot of electricity and is low on maintenance.

The way this works is a tablet is placed on a conveyor belt with the help of vibrations. The conveyor belt helps inspect the front side of a tablet and the other end is useful to inspect the reverse side of the tablet. There is also the option of a dust extractor to collect dust if any. The tablets that do not pass the inspection are rejected and a special tray is placed to collect the rejected tablets, while those that pass the inspection are collected in a drum.

Tablet Inspection Machine
Capsule Inspection Machine

Significance of an Inspection Machine

The tablets and capsule go through a lengthy packaging process prior to ending up on the shelf of a pharmacy. This includes a tablet counting and filling machine as well. This type of machine involves making use of a multi-channel feeder and vibration to ensure efficiency. It will usually be controlled using a computer and involve image counting and fill tablets in a bottle after counting them.

However, quality control is important prior to selling a product in the market. This is of greater importance when it comes to dealing with tablets and capsules meant for the pharmaceutical industry. This is where a tablet inspection machine comes into play. This type of machine involves the use of a conveyor belt to carefully inspect the tablets or capsules individually. This is a fast and efficient process and makes sure only high-quality ones reach the shelves for people to consume.

This machine is vital to the pharmaceutical industry where a product can be filled in many different types of containers. The production line is likely to include a wide range of machines. This will include a filling machine that has an ability to fill appropriate size tablets in the right size and type of bottle or container. In addition to this, it will also include an inspection machine to remove any defective tablets.

All these machines are usually automated and programmable with the ability to fill, seal and sort the tablets or capsules in an appropriate manner. There is a high level of automation in this process.