Tablet Counting and Filling Machine

Induction Sealing Machine

Online Automatic Model: Sigma II-NEO

The Sigma Online Series has been developed especially with a view to meet exact needs of the packaging industry. Our online model features wide output power range, high efficiency and microprocessor controls. This equipment can seal cap sizes of20mm-75mm and 60mm-120mm dia.

The features of the machine are enclosed herewith;

Technical Specification

Power 2.0 KW
Mains 230 VAC
Single Phase 50 Hz
Stand by Power 0.3 KW
Max Line Speed 60 Feet/Min
M.O.C SS Body 304
Air Supply 3 – 5 Bar Pressure
Conveyor Length AS per GA Drawing
Machine Dimensions As per GA Drawing

Physical Design Features

  • Compact all-in-one design: Easily Movable : Easy for line relocation.

  • Single Body, “on conveyor’ mounting system

  • Front panel with easy to use membrane switches

  • Coil movement Standard: 300mm Special: As required by the customer

Operational & Protection Design Features

  • Conveyor Stop System: The conveyor will stops in predefined condition of Sealing Off.

  • Protection & alarms

  • • Over Voltage (Inbuilt circuit, no alarm)

    • Over Current (Inbuilt circuit, no alarm)

    • Spike & Surge (Inbuilt EMI filter is provided, no alarm)

    • Over Temperature cut off –Alarm will generate.

  • No effect of voltage fluctuation (Inbuilt MOV is provided)