Innovative Bottle Capping Machines with Latest Technologies

Bottle Capping machinery plays a pivotal role in capping different cap types onto a wide array of bottles. A necessary element in this is the accuracy with which it is fitted and also the speed with which the machine gets the capping done. Depending on one’s requirement for capping, there is an assortment to pick and choose from. Semi-Automatic Cap Sealing, automatic Single Head Vial PP or Flipp-off Capping tools, Bottle Screw Capping, and Automatic Four Head Bottle ROPP Capping equipment are a few. Understanding how they work will give a clear picture of each of these.

ROPP Capping machine

ROPP Capping machine Tamper-free capping being the key feature of this capper machine while the requirement for this being that the neck and thread of the bottle should be of optimum strength so that it can withhold the pressure applied.

ROPP Cap Sealing Machine

Vial Capping machine

Vial Capping machine A single roller mechanism where each sealing station adjusts the crimpling pressure on the vial. A vial capping machine is used generally for low production requirements and automatic line of operation. This machine is well equipped with a bowl feeder for the continuous input and output line. The cap feeder is of variable speed and the hopper can be dismantled for easy cleaning.

Regular Screw type capping machine

Regular Screw type capping machine The bottle in rotation itself picks up the cap and enters into the turret star wheel where the alignment is done under the capping heads. The Pick and place screw/ Snap-fit type capper does a similar role with the difference that the magnetic or linear clutch torque head ensures the torque is applied correctly each time. The Torque is adjusted by increasing or decreasing the distance between the magnetic or liner plates.

Capping Machine with Elevator

The servo picks and places screw/snap-fit capping machine

The servo picks and places screw/snap-fit capping machine This capper applies screw to the containers with a constant motion torque using a well-monitored servo motor mounted on each capping head. The numeric input monitors the parameters of each capping head leading to more perfection.

Crown capping machine

Crown capping machine This is a simple and compact tabletop design with adjustable sealing pressure and low maintenance cost. In automatic machines, the bottles are loaded on the conveyor manually and the filling is done automatically.

Automatic Four Head Vial PP / Flipp-Off Capping Machine

Measuring or dosing cup placement and pressing machine

Measuring or dosing cup placement and pressing machine A highly elegant and sturdy machine, with a conveyor belt where the bottle picks up a cup from the delivery chute of the bowl and gets under the delivery plate where the gradual act of pressing cup and placing is executed into smooth operation.

Induction Cap sealing machine

Induction Cap sealing machine A non-contact process capper machine where the leak-proof seal is applied to the opening of the container. The sealing head produces an electromagnetic field that heats the liner foil inside the cap.

In-line capper machine

In-line capper machine This machine is the best for high-speed filling lines and for placing tight caps or for pump trigger sprays. It can place caps over any bottle shape and has an intelligent speed control system and has angle gripper belts.

Capper Machine
In line capper machine
Inline Capping Machine

Induction cap sealer machine

Induction cap sealer machine High-speed induction sealers are used combined with high-speed operations so that the cap is tamper-proof. The hermetic seal on it ensures the product freshness remains intact. Indirect heat is given also ensures that heat-sensitive items like creams, pesticides, or petroleum products to be sealed faster without damaging the structure of the component. Last, but not least we have the eye drop filling machine which is an automatic liquid filling, plugging, and capping machine. A monoblock machine which also includes bottle feeding, nitrogen filling, and a provision of labelling. The above machines mentioned are just a few to list. A lot of variants and versions are available catering to the manufacturers need and demand.