Bottle Checkweigher Machine Online

Checkweigher machine and Check Weigher Machine Manufacturer

Online checkweighers are used to check and reject under filled bottles, bags, boxes and pouches Dynamic Checkweighers , checkweighing solutions for compliance with weights & measures regulations and quality control in industries such as meat, poultry & seafood, pharmaceutical, cosmetic, ready meals and baby food production.

online check weigher machine , checkweigher conveyor , checkweigher pharmaceutical , With USB output for each product weight , PLC with extensibility, checkweigher can communicate with scanner, printer, labeling, packaging, sealing machine etc.

Features and specifications

  • Strong stainless steel structure; water proof design.
  • German HBM high-precision load cell. Based on the most advanced high-speed digital signal-
  • Processing technology, high-speed and stable detection.
  • Zero analysis and tracking technology.
  • Memory for 50 product preset. Humanized product editing and storing.
  • Rapid product switching function, adjust the corresponding product sorting speed.
  • Convenient USB detection data replication storage function.(optional).
  • LCD touch-screen operation with Multilanguage operation system.
  • Optional scanning system and automatic printing machine.

checkweigher Machine for Meat, Poultry & Fish , Fruit, Vegetables & Nuts , Dairy and Egg Products , Convenience Food , Food-to-G , Pharma , cosmetic , Food , Agro chemicals,

Bottle Checkweigher Machine Online

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Item Amount Company
Monitor 1 MSCG
Motor 2 Oriental Motor
Inverter 1 Mitsubishi
Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC) 1 Mitsubishi
Belt 1 Habasit
Pneumatic Components 1 Taiwan Yadeke
Load Cell 1 HBM
Photoelectric Sensors 1 OMRON
Air Switch 1 Mitsubishi
Relay 1 OMRON