Isolator with Prefilled Syringe filling with Stopping machine – PFS / Pre filled Syringe filler with Isolators

Different filling machines like Aseptic Vial Filler, Aseptic/Sterile Vial Filler, vial cap sealer machine is applicable for high-value products. It installs with different packaging lines that consist of an isolator, aseptic filler depyrogenation tunnel that gives 6000 vials/hr with flexibility, sterility & near zero waster.

The wide range of isolators like API containment isolator, pharmaceutical isolator, and containment system is been segmented into sampling, weighing, aseptic isolator, containment isolator as well as bio isolator.

Rigid Barrier Isolators

We are specialists in the manufacturing of barrier isolators system to cGMP and cGAMP standards. Along with this, we are also known for the manufacturing of rigid & flexible barrier isolator systems & different workstation process equipment.

The barrier isolators are offered with zip door entry, multiple glove ports that are applicable for handling high potential API’s, small scale weighing & dispensing operations.

For the health care sector, this flexible isolator system is used to treat patients with contagious diseases & infections as well as creates a risk-free environment.

Due to the demand for improved operator protection and containment, API i.e. Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient has become a growth area in many of the industries.

To handle the toxic compounds, API isolator provides the highest level of contaminant & also meets the requirement of the client & its process.

Following are the different types of isolators been offered

ADC Containment Isolators

  • ADC Containment Isolators
  • Filter Dryer Isolators
  • Roller Compactor Isolators
  • Sampling & Dispensing Isolators
  • Reactor Charging Isolators
  • Fluid Bed Drying Isolators
  • Granulation & Milling Isolators
  • Compression Tablet Press & Encapsulation Isolators
  • Vacuum Tray Drying Isolators

Isolators Design Features

  • The construction is cost-effective with Flexible Anti-Static FDA film & Stainless Steel Frame
  • Laminar Airflow
  • Zip door entry
  • On inlet and outlet vents – Push-push type-safe changeable HEPA filters
  • Weighing Scale, Vacuum Tray Dryer, Nutsche Filter, Continuous liner port & Drum loader Oxygen monitoring / Nitrogen inertization
  • Some of the documentations are Leak test, Noise, Lux, Air change, Filter integrity, Glove test, and OEL. Others are FDS, DQ, FAT, IQ, OQ, and OMM
  • Safe and rapid transfer with RTP
  • For multiple or single chambers slit butterfly valve is present
  • For operator comfort lower system or isolator raise is available

Benefits of Isolators

  • Visibility is clear during operation and cleaning
  • Multiple glove stations in the controlled working environment offer operator safety.
  • For the processing of hazardous substances in the pharmaceutical and chemical industry, we supply containment and barrier isolation equipment including ancillary products.

Comparison of Isolators and RABS

In most of the pharmaceutical industry, both RABS & isolator systems are been established. Both qualitative & quantitative factors are been found in terms of differentiation factors. At low investment, RABS offers an advantage in terms of investment and operational cost. Some of the running costs like environmental monitoring, gowning are some of the factors highly compared to isolator systems.

Dedicated bio-decontamination, as well as process air handling equipment, is the reason for an initial investment of an isolator system

A reliable partner with extensive industry knowledge can help to find out barrier system suited for a specific application. In the design & manufacturing of RABS, we possess a vast experience offering you isolator, bio-decontamination, and air-handling technology, etc. Some of the isolators consist of pneumatic & system Interlock including containment breach, air in rush, door lock, exhaust filter block.