Russian Foods and Pharmaceutical Market – Suitable Labeling and Filling Equipment

Food production, packaging and processing is a vital component of the Russian economy. This industry has almost doubled in size in the last ten years. Importation of the processing and packaging equipment has also doubled in the last 10 years and this industry accounts approximately 11.5 % of total Russian output.
The sector has more than 30 industries and over 40,000 organisations involved in direct and indirect support of these industries.

Growth Rate

The rapid growth of the food processing industry can be attributed to the faster pace of life in the country in the recent years and a high demand for products suited for “on the go consumption”.
Easier storage and greater shelf life of finished goods also makes products attra ctive to the modern Russian consumer, even as modern and efficient retail outlets continue to develop.

The Russian Pharmaceutical Market

The Russian pharmaceuticals market has historically been among the 10 largest pharma markets in the world. There was a brief slow down in the growth from the year 2013 – 2017, but the trend has reversed and rapid growth is expected over the next 5 years. Industry experts estimate the industry to be worth over 36 billion USD by the year 2021. An annual compounded growth of 13% is expected that will see it among the top ten largest markets in the world.
With the increase in product demand, there is a corresponding increase in the associated production machinery that supports the higher demand for the finished products.

Food Industry

Food packers and processors procure equipment directly from manufacturers and most large scale manufacturers prefer direct importation of new equipment. Bhagwatipharma equipment has best packaging, labelling, filling and sealing equipment for the Russian market. These equipments are essential for industries such as dairy processing, bakery and biscuit manufacturing, confectioneries, Agro chemicals and equipment for other industries.
Labeling machines can be used in various industries and they include;

There is a whole variety of innovative food processing and packaging machinery for supporting the ever growing Russian food processing market.
Pharmaceutical equipments best for the Russian market include;

  • Auger powder filling machines for jars and bottles
  • Flow metered liquid filling equipments
  • Cage blender , Conta blender machine and cage bin blenders
  • Vacuum mixers for cream /ointment and lotions
  • Inline homogenizers
  • Bottle check weighers
  • Fluid bed coaters, duster coaters, fluid bed granulators and processors

These are among many other pharmaceutical machines offered by the company and more innovative products are being released into the market.

Personal Care Products

The beauty and personal care products market is also forecasted to grow at an average of 5% per annum from the period of 2019 – 2024. This market is observed seen to have some underdeveloped areas that need to be exploited. Disposable incomes of the high and middle income Russians are ready to spend on improving their looks and appearances. This has created a sufficient demand pool for ointment making machines such as the automatic tube filling machines, rotating mixers for breams and lotions, Cream and gel manufacturing plants, liquid and hand wash making plants.