Labeling Machines – Sticker Labelling Machine, Shrink Sleeve Applicator Machine, Self Adhesive Labeler Machine

Labelling is a very important part of any packing process. Through labels products are given unique identity. Product labeling ensures company branding and tells the consumer that product is of a particular brand or manufactured by a particular company. The process of labeling in bulk productions can be very time consuming and cumbersome task, therefore requires the use of machines. The machines used for labeling are generally known as labeling machines. Different kinds of labeling machines are available today in market. Some of them include



Sticker Labeling Machine

Labeler or sticker labeling machine is used for applying labels on different types of containers like bottles, jars, vials, ampoules etc. Different kinds of labeling tasks are possible with these labeling machines including top labeling, front side labeling, back labeling, front & back labeling, wrap around labeling etc. The modern sticker labeling machines come in various specifications. They are high production machineries in which most of the tasks are automated. For example many sticker labeling machines today are equipped with in-built automated label length detection system which eliminates the need for manually feeding and storing of label length data in memory and retrieving the same every time for change of label size & re-starting the machine. This saves the labeling time and helps to achieve higher production. Vertical stcker labeling machine and horizontal stcker labeling machine are two important variants of stockier labelers.

Stand alone sticker label applicator

Shrink Sleeve Applicator Machine

Shrink sleeve labels are the wrap around or tubular form of labels in which the bottle or containers are totally shrunk into. These enable full body 360 degree labeling and are widely used for labeling metal, glass and plastic packaging containers. The machines with which shrink sleeve labeling is carried are called as shrink sleeve applicator machine. These shrink sleeve label applicators are widely used in beverage, cosmetic, dairy and food & pharma industries.

Liquor bottle shrink sleeve applicator with Steam tunnel with hot air tunnel for bottle drying

Self Adhesive Labeler Machine

Machine used to label the bottles with self adhesive labels is known as self adhesive labeler machine. The modern self adhesive labelers available in market today generally include advanced components and features like microprocessor controlled stepper motor drive, fiber optic label and container sensing system which ensure that labeling is done much accurately and faster. A self adhesive labeler can be either a vertical labeling machine used for labeling bottles vertically or horizontal labeling machine which labels bottles or containers horizontally.



All the labeling machines can be got in fully automatic as well as semi-automatic models. For those looking to buy labeling machines, Shree Bhagwati Machtech Pvt Ltd can offer the best models in customized specifications for maximum performance.


This article has been written by Arjun Rao, the proprietor of Shree Bhagwati Machtech (India) Pvt Ltd./