Liquid Filling Machine for Cosmetics & Pharmaceuticals

Liquid filling machine, as packaging machinery, holds high importance to numerous industries. Cosmetics and Pharmaceuticals are two such industries where the liquid filling machine has extensive application. In both these industries, the machine precisely fills the containers with suitable content that are in liquid state. The entire operation is performed by maintaining high sanitary standards. It is very important to ensure sanitation as any contact with contaminants will spoil the integrity of the product. The liquid filling machine makes sure that no product spillage occurs as well since the raw materials are a tad expensive.

Liquid Filling Machine for Cosmetics & Pharmaceuticals

Liquid Filling Machine for Cosmetics

Cosmetic products range from thin liquids such as perfumes to thicker creams & lotions for skin care, hair, etc. It is an arduous task to achieve filling of these products into containers, manually. The liquid filling machine is used for filling viscous & non-viscous liquids in the containers. Some of the products are syrup, lotions, aerosol, perfumes, bath oils, hand washes, shampoos, conditioners, liquid soaps, shower gels, nail polishes, mascara, etc. The filling process for cosmetic products resembles that of food and beverage. In the filling operation for cosmetics, it is important to maintain the amount per container for all the viscous and non-viscous liquids.

The liquid filling machine is also available in multiple heads in order to achieve high production rates. Number of heads can range from two to eight. The filling machine for liquids is also provided with a twin pneumatically operated stopper system to prevent spillage of liquids.

Liquid Filling Machine for Pharmaceuticals

Liquid Bottle Filling Machine

The liquid filling machine in pharmaceuticals is used to fill vials or ampoules with liquid medicinal content. These machines also have a mechanism to place stoppers over the head of the containers. Vial filling machine performs the operation at a high accuracy rate of +/- 0.5% or better in most of the cases. It has a provision of fill volume adjustment without stopping the machine. The nozzles used for filling the vials with liquid are completely hygienic and non-dripping. As a result, the filling operation does not lead to product spillage and hence less machine cleaning is required. This eventually results in reduced changeover time.

The liquid filling machine is an electronically controlled machine to gain control over dose and pump speed. It also has a provision to put rubber stoppers on top of the vials or ampoule in order to protect the integrity of the product. The filling unit of the machine consists of filling head, syringes, & nozzles. It also boasts of consisting “No Vial No Filling” sensor that prevents the machine to operate in the absence of the vial. This thus makes sure that there is no wastage of power taking place.

The Bottom-Line: Bhagwati Pharma supplies liquid filling machine for various applications including cosmetics and pharmaceuticals. These machines are manufactured using advanced manufacturing practices & standards. The liquid filling machine for cosmetics is used for filling both viscous and non-viscous liquids. For pharmaceutical applications, the liquid filling machine performs precise operation, maintaining accuracy of up to +/- 0.5%. It is also provided with a mechanism for rubber stoppering to prevent vials or ampoules from getting adulterated.